Skyler’s Film Queue – TIFF 2017 Edition

In 2012 I experienced my first TIFF with a total of 10 features and one special event. This year I broke that record with 15 films and one more special event. This year featured an interesting array of new and classic films to discuss here.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Review

Just like many people from my generation, I was raised on the Star Wars films. My parents would make me watch Episode IV to Episode VI on VHS once a year. This galaxy far, far away became a new home for my fertile imagination to happily settle. Watching Luke Skywalker fight for the Rebellion alongside the badass Leia Organa and Han Solo made me a delighted child. So obviously, just like any other nostalgic fan, I will feast my eyes on anything related to the franchise. I’m that easy of a consumer. Put the Star Wars label on anything and I will wait in line for it and, oh, if you dare make the main character a badass lady, the odds are that I will defend it to my grave. It won’t come as a surprise that I was dying to see Rogue One and maybe it is all this hype that made the movie a slight disappointment to me.

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