Colette – TIFF18

It seems like this is the year of returning filmmakers, and once again, Wash Westmoreland returns to TIFF with his follow-up to Still Alice.

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Peppermint – Review

Peppermint is not what you expect. The trailer makes it looks like something and the name of the movie makes it seems like something totally different but in the end, you arrive at a result that is the exact opposite of what you expect going in. Peppermint will suffer to the comparison of the movies in the same genre. Before going into the screening, I was expecting a movie à-là Taken and it is very similar to that.

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Searching – Review

There are many times in which films have a “fad” attached to the film that may, or may not elevate the film. For myself, Birdman is more interesting as a film solely because of the “one-shot” gimmick. While at the same time, the fact that Boyhood was actually shot across 12 years elevates the film. Searching is a film where the gimmick could go either way, but as the film opens to that classic Windows theme, I knew it would work to its advantage.

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