Arianne’s Favourite Films of 2017

Oh, this was hard to do. Making a list is never easy but in a year with so many good movies, choosing just a select few to make my favourite films list was something out of this world. This list is a mix of indie film with some blockbuster and represents what made me feel so much while I watched them.

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The Lists: Prologue

As the name of this website hopefully suggests, we few who write for The Film Queue are avid lovers of cinema. However, as is the case with most people, our interests are not limited to the silver screen alone. In fact, a healthy knowledge of all mediums of artistic expression can and will deepen one’s appreciation of any other given work. Art is a continuum in which all practices commune and contribute. And so, with this most heavy-handed of introductions, I implore you to join me in this ongoing series in which I explore music, its contemporary history, and more than a few personal anecdotes.

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