An Interview with Sweet Virginia’s Jamie Dagg

I sat down with the director of Sweet Virginia and got to ask him a few questions. Here is our interview, and please do go see Sweet Virginia, opens in Toronto on December 1st.

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The Lists: Prologue

As the name of this website hopefully suggests, we few who write for The Film Queue are avid lovers of cinema. However, as is the case with most people, our interests are not limited to the silver screen alone. In fact, a healthy knowledge of all mediums of artistic expression can and will deepen one’s appreciation of any other given work. Art is a continuum in which all practices commune and contribute. And so, with this most heavy-handed of introductions, I implore you to join me in this ongoing series in which I explore music, its contemporary history, and more than a few personal anecdotes.

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In This Corner of the World – Review

As someone who previously used to be very much into Japanese culture thanks to anime’s like Dragon Ball or Gundam Wing alongside with their animated feature films, it’s a bit of a shame that I wasn’t really familiar with Sunao Katabuchi until this film. Sunao Katabuchi helped bring the television show Black Lagoon together, and it was produced by the powerhouse that is Madhouse, behind some of everyone’s favourites such as One-Punch Man, Death Note, and even Paprika. 

This time Katabuchi makes a film based on a manga (or graphic novel for the Western culture) that can be (loosely) summed by describing it as a period coming-of-age war story.

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