Thelma – Review

Thelma is the latest film by Norweigan director Joachim Trier, following his English-speaking film Louder Than Bombs. He’s back to his Norweigan roots, this time with Eili Harboe as his lead as Thelma, a uniquely powerful woman who is slowly coming to realize who she really is.

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In This Corner of the World – Review

As someone who previously used to be very much into Japanese culture thanks to anime’s like Dragon Ball or Gundam Wing alongside with their animated feature films, it’s a bit of a shame that I wasn’t really familiar with Sunao Katabuchi until this film. Sunao Katabuchi helped bring the television show Black Lagoon together, and it was produced by the powerhouse that is Madhouse, behind some of everyone’s favourites such as One-Punch Man, Death Note, and even Paprika. 

This time Katabuchi makes a film based on a manga (or graphic novel for the Western culture) that can be (loosely) summed by describing it as a period coming-of-age war story.

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Jigsaw – Review

About a year ago, I posted a review revolving around Saw and mildly touching on the beginning of the sub-genre known as torture porn. I mention that the franchise went on for arguably too long, and should have died off long ago. But as Hollywood does as Hollywood does, they attempted to revive the franchise with Jigsaw, or the original more apt title, Saw Legacy.

Since the franchise is used to weaving twists and previous installments into their films, Jigsaw is no different, but I’ll attempt to leave the spoilers for this film out, but fair play for the franchise.

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The Endless – Toronto After Dark Review

About two years ago, I vividly remember skipping a Mad Max: Fury Road screening to go see a movie being described as “Richard Linklater meet H.P. Lovecraft.” Being extremely intrigued by that comparison, I knew I had to go see it. I saw Mad Max the next day, but it didn’t make my top ten at the end of the year. But Spring did. After, I seeked out their first film Resolution, and was happy to see it was on Netflix (which sadly, is no longer on Canadian Netflix). I’ve been waiting for their next film ever since.

When I found out that their latest film The Endless would be playing here for Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I knew I had to go.

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