Peppermint – Review

Peppermint is not what you expect. The trailer makes it looks like something and the name of the movie makes it seems like something totally different but in the end, you arrive at a result that is the exact opposite of what you expect going in. Peppermint will suffer to the comparison of the movies in the same genre. Before going into the screening, I was expecting a movie à-là Taken and it is very similar to that.

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Love, Simon – Review

There are some movies that you watch, and you can’t help but wish that you had them as a teenager when you were still figuring yourself out. Maybe because you couldn’t see yourself on the screen while everyone around you did or even that you just felt alone and wished someone would make a movie that showed exactly how you felt. That is precisely what I felt while sitting down and watching Love, Simon. Just writing about it now makes me emotional. Not because I am still feeling that way, even if sometimes I do wish more was being done regarding representation for the LGBTQ+ community in movies. But because for the first time I saw a big budget movie that is distributed by a big studio and directed by one of the biggest producers in television right now (himself a gay man) do a story that as a teenager I needed. Continue reading “Love, Simon – Review”

A Fantastic Woman – Review

I have to be honest, writing this review wasn’t something I was looking forward. Not because I didn’t love the movie, I loved it a lot, but it affected me so much more than I expected. For two days after seeing the movie, I tried to understand why I was so affected by this movie. Yes, I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and have suffered violence against me but my situation isn’t close to similar to the one depicted in the movie, and yet I found myself so deeply affected by it.

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