A Fantastic Woman – Review

I have to be honest, writing this review wasn’t something I was looking forward. Not because I didn’t love the movie, I loved it a lot, but it affected me so much more than I expected. For two days after seeing the movie, I tried to understand why I was so affected by this movie. Yes, I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and have suffered violence against me but my situation isn’t close to similar to the one depicted in the movie, and yet I found myself so deeply affected by it.

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Arianne’s Favourite Films of 2017

Oh, this was hard to do. Making a list is never easy but in a year with so many good movies, choosing just a select few to make my favourite films list was something out of this world. This list is a mix of indie film with some blockbuster and represents what made me feel so much while I watched them.

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