Day 17: Bound

Lana and Lilly Wachowski are some of the best filmmakers out there.

I have been searching for this film for years. Back when we did our Director’s week on the sisters, we had Anders cover the film because at the time none of us had seen it. Read his review as well. I found the film on iTunes, and immediately jumped the gun to rent it. It was worth the money.

There are multiple layers to the film, but simply as a film, the Wachowski’s bring us a crime thriller like some of the best ones out there. As they were pitching the film, the companies in response told them that they would be interested if they changed Corky’s (Gina Gershon) gender. Instead of doing so, they mentioned that movie has been done to death, and they’re not interested, and thank God for that.

While by gender-swapping, not much changes, but it’s enough. The tension between actresses is amazing, and you could feel how it lingers in that room. It feels monumental for that time, it even does so now.

There’s something extremely mesmerizing in being able to see the range of what a person is capable of doing in the future, but even in Bound, you can tell that they are more than capable of doing great things. In between the close ups of the tiniest things, such as when Corky uses the wrench on the pipe and the water pours onto her hands. It’s the tiny and sensual things that to be frank, are more noticeable when female directors do it.

And yes, this film was made way before they transitioned, and between some of the rude and crude language about hating queers (coming from Caesar, played by Joe Pantoliano who joins them in The Matrix) to the fact that Corky is tied up and thrown back into a closet.

It’s clear that they’re whole career has led to them to where they are, and to be free of who they want to be. They are some of my favourite working filmmakers, and there isn’t a film of theirs I dislike, I even love all of The Matrix trilogy, and Jupiter Ascending which I know can be polarizing. I’m eagerly waiting for them to make their next film, I’ll be there opening weekend.


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