The First Purge

In case you missed the film when it was released earlier this year, you’ll only have to wait until this fall to be able to see it. On October 2nd, you can go to your local DVD/Blu-ray retailer (or Amazon since RIP HMV), and pick up your own copy.  And for all the collectors out there, there will also be a 4-movie collection pack if you haven’t picked any of the previous films out before.

If that’s too long to wait, on September 18th, you’ll find it digitally online.

On the physical release, you’ll find the following bonus features:

  • Deleted Scene
  • A Radical Experiment – Cast and filmmakers discuss how The First Purge expands on the themes of the franchise, making them more culturally relevant than ever before.
  • Bringing the Chaos – Violence is inescapable in The First Purge. Here we explore the elements that ramped up the action in the film and made it the most intense installment yet.
  • The Masks of the First Purge – A good disguise is a key part of a successful Purge night. In this featurette, we take a look at how the masks in the film added to the terror of The First Purge.

Pick up your copy in October and remember to watch The Purge (the television spin-off) when it starts airing on September 4th, on the USA Network.



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