Day 4: Personal Shopper

First thing from seeing this, I need to seek out more films by Oliver Assayas. Clouds of Sils Maria, you’re next.

Personal Shopper is an incredible slow burn of a thriller that stars Kirsten Stewart bringing another excellent performance.

As the title suggests, Maureen (Stewart) is a personal shopper for star Kyra (played by Nora Waldstätten) while living in Paris.

Fairly recently, Maureen’s twin brother Lewis had passed away. They had a few things in common such as being mediums. They made a deal that if one goes first, they’d make contact with one another. So Maureen is constantly looking for him, and a sign of the afterlife.

What follows is a wonderful journey of discovery that is filled with so much dread. The use of sound is so excellent and it keeps the strings of tension very well tightened.

Olivier and cinematographer Yorick Le Saux made an excellent choice of shooting on film. The tangibility of being able to see and feel what Maureen gets to see helps elevate the film so much.

Personal Shopper left me gasping for air in both awe and fear during its run time. As the film progressed, I swear I saw things out of the corner of my eye. It was frightful as it’s tough not to question the afterlife. And if there is one, how thin are the lines to make it a reality for them to pass back?

This film attempts to ask that question but doesn’t do so as much to answer it, but how can you? It is excellent work and attempt at trying to make sense of what rarely does. After losing someone, the grief is too strong to deal with and the world feels like it’s been turned on its head. You pray and hope for answers, but even if somehow you are given them, as in one moment, we might be, we may not have been paying attention at the right time.




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