Day 1: Edge of Seventeen

When I first decided I wanted to do this challenge the first question was tough but doable, what films do I talk about? And then I had to settle on the order I’d write (but probably wouldn’t watch them in this order). Would there be a reason for the order or the flow of it? I knew what I wanted to open with and what to close it with, and a few things in the middle. Everything else was first come, first served. With that out of the way, let’s finally jump in, shall we?

Edge of Seventeen is a wonderful coming of age film starring Hailee Steinfeld, and it was the directorial debut of Kelly Fremon Craig who wrote the great script as well. Craig knocks the film out of the park as she covers what it’s like to be a teenager in a modern age.

She has spoken about how John Hughes is an inspiration and it’s obvious as for how she treats her characters like fully grown adults with their own ideas and identities. They don’t speak like children, they speak like people.

Personally, that has always been “my” genre. That, and horror films. Odd, but look, some could argue that growing up is horrific so loving both makes complete sense. But, within your coming of age films it helps teaches people of all ages a very important lesson. Not any of us know what we are doing.

It’s easy to get lost and see older friends or family seem like their life is together – and yes, it may be – but life can be drastically different next month without a warning. Positively or negatively, but it can change so quickly. I’m in a completely different place than where I was when the year began, and by the time this challenge is over, I could be in a different place as well. It’s films like this (and my pick-me-up film Frances Ha) it has taught me that being a twenty-something just means that I have to be okay with not being ready for life. It’s going to knock you down, but you’ll find friends and family that’ll either help you back up or lie down with you for a moment to allow you to catch a breather.

So every once in a while, allow yourself to be okay with not being where you thought you would be.

I’m a college dropout that took computer programming for a back-up career because at 18, I knew going into film first was a risky decision. I dropped out because I said fuck it. I’ll figure out how to get involved. It’s taken a while, but my journey isn’t over and even though I have friends at my age who have their masters and I have nothing to show for it, I’m okay

I’ll be okay.

I hope you enjoy this journey through the films with me, and stay with what I do next. I have things coming soon, I swear.


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