Crisis on Earth X Parts 3&4 – Review

Let me premise this by saying, this review will not be spoiler free as it would be impossible to talk about the episodes without venturing into spoilers.

I thought that both parts 1 and 2 of the Arrowverse were solid, but they were just set-up to what was one of the most entertaining two-hour events on television in a very long time. What makes this year’s crossover works so well is that it blends the four shows so much better than last year’s crossover.

With our heroes now stuck on Earth-X, the episode waste no time in going straight into the action. The little twist with seeing Captain Lance as a Nazi officer talking about how he had Sara sent to a camp for being bisexual was something I didn’t see coming and enjoyed a lot. The whole Earth-X setting was something that I would have loved a lot more on that Earth has it was a setting that challenged the heroes and showed them what they have. And this Earth gave us some good moments, a General Winn who won’t listen to Alex, Citizen Cold who wants to be called Leo and finally the introduction to The Ray.

The addition of Citizen Cold and The Ray was something fascinating and seeing their relationship was sweet. With Cold staying behind at the end of the episode opens up the possibility of seeing more of Ray in the future. It was also lovely to see Wentworth Miller, who himself has spoken about how he felt being closeted in Hollywood, being able to play another side of Leonard who happens to be in a relationship with Ray.

While Earth-X was fun, a lot was also happening on Earth-1, and while it was fun to see Iris and Felicity work together to get everyone out of the pipeline, it was dragging a bit with the back and forth. And I think that it was happening at the same time as one of the most emotional scenes in any of the Arrowverse show and so it was a bit jarring to see.

(If you have not seen the episode yet, do not read further as we will no go into spoiler territory.)

Before I go into the big action sequence that took most of the last hour, let’s talk about the death of one half of Firestorm. Since it had been announced that Victor Garber was leaving Legends of Tomorrow it had been clear that he was either going to retire or die. And last night, Professor Stein gave his life to help everyone go back to Earth-1. While his death was sad (I did shed a few tears), it gave us some of the best actings out of Franz Drameh. His reaction to Stein dying and him going to Clarissa and Lilly to tell them about his death was some of the best actings he has done on the show.

The last action sequence was one of dreams. Last year, Invasion gave us a big fight but nothing compared to what this was. It was amazing to see all these heroes on the Waverider and then fight side by side. It was entertaining, and I did let out a few screams everytime something cool would happen. For everyone who has been watching the Arrowverse since the beginning, this was one of the best payoffs and thank you for staying with them for so long.

I don’t know how next year they will be able to top this crossover but I thought the same after last year’s crossover. But it was much better than last year’s as it did give us the four shows blending for real and not like last year where most of the characters stayed in their own shows. But this was one of the most enjoyable crossovers in the series yet and it made me very happy to watch it.


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