Crisis on Earth X Parts 1&2 – Review

Every year, there’s an official crossover between all the DCTV (or Arrowverse) shows. At the time, the earlier crossovers were enjoyed due to not truly being aware of what they are capable of, this crossover changes that.

Last year during the “Invasion!”, it began at the end of the Supergirl episode, making it a three-part crossover. But this year, we begin right away, seeing all of our heroes (& legends) from the opening montage. We see them all reunite for Barry and Iris’ wedding. There is an extreme joy seeing all of them in the same room, and even though they do end up working together, but to see them together for the sole purpose of appreciation for one another. It brings humanity into their world that can’t be said is seen as much in the DCEU (but that’s not the time for that).

We see the difference in quality because while yes, it’s not just a crossover from one show to the next, it’s all of them at the same time, the whole time. And it makes the world of a difference, this feels like the reason I’ve followed the series for so long. Whatever up’s and down’s they may have, just like the feature-length films, the villains are the problem and our heroes making the same mistakes over and over again. I’m referencing The Flash in this instance, but if the shoe fits…

Everything from the West-Allen wedding makes us believe that we’ll see a lovely ceremony until literal Nazi’s interrupt the wedding by turning the priest into literal dust. What we get next, is all our hero’s working against Nazi’s immediately, all shot in multiple one-take’s, this builds all of our suspense and enjoyment as we see everyone working together. They know each other’s strengths and use them to win, for now.

Using Nazi’s makes the show feel so much more timely and relatable. The anger in the room at S.T.A.R. Labs when Harry talks about Earth X is an anger I’ve felt in the past year. Jefferson makes a MAGA reference, changing great to Aryan.

This is the crossover we need, it has the passion and anger about something important while giving us a better Justice League than Justice League has (I say this, having not seen the film yet). There is joy, and love in this. Not to mention great action sequences, even if the CGI isn’t up-to-par as bigger blockbuster films.

Bring me parts 3 and 4, I’m ready and have a theory over the Big Bad, but stay tuned.



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