Arrowverse Week 2 – Recap

Welcome to our weekly Arrowverse Recap where Andres and I will recap the shows. Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow will be recap every week and when midseason start Black Lightning will be added to the mix once it starts.


While much better then it’s premiere episode, Supergirl is still not hitting the same way it was during its first season and the first half of the second one. What made the show so great for me was the idea that Kara was so different than everyone else but she was also this bubbly happy person. I am not taking away the amazing performance the Benoist has been putting in in the first two episodes of the season but I don’t know how much longer of Kara saying she is better than a human and makes herself not feel anything I can really take.

This week’s villain is Psi, played by the wonderful Yael Grobas (Jane The Virgin). Psi is able to make people’s worst fear take over them. This makes Kara relive the destruction of Krypton and deal with her guilt with sending Mon-El away. All of a sudden, Kara is confronted with things that she has been pushing down because she doesn’t believe that has a Kryptonian she should deal with these human emotions. And this is my problem with the storyline that the writers are creating for Kara. What made Kara such an interesting character was that she was a human and Kryptonian. She had this whole past that was following her around but she was also had this human sensibility that made her such an interesting character. Having her refuse to acknowledge that she is as much Kryptonian then human takes away a part of what made Supergirl as a show so interesting.

Last week’s introduction to Odette Annable’s Reign was one of the highlights of the episode and this week again it was good. Not only that but we now have a name for her, Sam. The writers are doing a great job of making Sam part of her own story but also link her back to everyone. Not only by making her being rescued by Supergirl but also by making her Lena’s replacement. It will be interesting to see how she will go from Sam to Reign and I do think it will be linked to her daughter since her powers have only manifested through the stress of her being in danger.

Supergirl second outing for its third season improved but it has yet to go back to what made me fall in love with the show in the first place. It has to try and go back to the positive and hopeful message that had been in the beginning. While I don’t look forward to some storylines that are making their way in the arcs, I am excited by the storyline involving Reign and how she will become the villain.

The Flash

Much like all of the Arrowverse episodes this week, this episode of The Flash faired much better than the season premiere. And that is because the show was able to not only acknowledge everything that has happened over the course of the three season but also because the show stopped carrying everything on Barry and make sure that every member of the team is useful.

This week’s villain wasn’t memorable but it did make way to a new suit and also a new dynamic. What The Flash has been able to do this season is finally learn how to use Iris West. Making Iris the leader this season was a good move from the writers. She has never been used to her full potential and she is probably the person that Barry trust the most. But this new setting for the team isn’t something Barry is used to and so it doesn’t come easily. Iris says it best, Barry isn’t The Flash, they all are. And that is something that the writers finally realized and it will make for a much better storyline for the characters.

But something else came out of this week’s episode. The amazing therapy session between Barry and Iris. We have never seen Barry and Iris struggle in their relationship since they’ve got together. They are Barry and Iris. It was scenes that brought a lot of lightness and reminded me a lot of the first season happy tone that the show had at the beginning. But it also revealed how Iris felt and that Barry and Iris do have to work on some things before they do get married. I do hope that we will see more of this tone and lightness that the show didn’t have during last season.

While the villain hasn’t really been used yet, it is interesting to see how different he is from the others before him. I do hope that the show won’t wait too long to have him connect to the greater picture because that is a problem that The Flash often has with their season’s villain.

Legends of Tomorrow

During my last recap, I stated how much I love Legends and how they don’t themselves seriously at all. And oh boy did this episode deliver on this. This week the team decide to take on the easiest case that they can so that they won’t screw up, which brings them to the circus. But of course this is Legends and of course, they screw things up.

This week, the team goes to the circus in Wisconsin 1870 and meets P.T. Barnum, played by Billy Zane (Titanic). And while this should be a simple mission, find the anachronism and bring it back to its time, things don’t go exactly to plan and things go crazy from there. This is what Legends do so well, it knows how to use their character. They don’t need to be all in the same place. While Ray and Jax are paired up and capture, Nate has to deal with the return of Amaya and that makes for good comedic drama. It is interesting how the writers do their pairings and even if we don’t see them interact all the time, we still know that there is a bond between them.

The return of Amaya was good. While we still don’t know why her powers are acting up, it is interesting to know that she has no control over them and if it will be all connected to her grand-daughters. While Amaya did kick ass this week, Sara was of course again a badass and the juxtaposition of Sara and Agent Sharp is interesting. It is rare that we see someone able to keep up with Sara when it comes to fighting and the fact that she could be good and will be interesting to see it evolve as the show progress.

Legends second episode kept going on the momentum of the first and was able to make me even more excited than before. The little teasing of the season big bad is something that I hope won’t last too long because I would love for the two-story to converge fast. Next episode we get a new team member and I am highly excited for that!


Of all the Arrowverse show, the second outing for Arrow was probably the weakest one of it. But Arrow had a lot to ride on, it had to follow a huge cliffhanger with the reveal that the whole world now knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow. While it did deliver a nice twist, I have to say that the fact that this storyline is happening again after they did it with Roy and Oliver a few seasons ago makes it a lot less entertaining to watch.

But this time, Oliver has a reason to be concerned. Because he has William to protect in all this. And the investigation that is launch by the FBI doesn’t help. Along the way to try and find out how the picture of Oliver was leaked, we have the return of Anatoli and it was a pleasant surprise and nice twist that he did not leak it. While Oliver was able to walk out of the situation, he does decide to put down the mantle and convinces Diggle to take on the Green Arrow costume. For the first time, Oliver has chosen to put someone else before himself and that is a nice thing to see, even if we know it won’t last long.

Arrow now is in a tricky situation and it will be interesting to see how they will handle Oliver not being the Green Arrow anymore. With Diggle sick and not at his 100%, him taking on the mantle will be dangerous but it is also a good development to his character and how he has always put Oliver and the mission before his well-fare. While this episode wasn’t the most solid one, the new situation that the show puts himself in will be interesting to explore as the season progress.


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