Arrowverse Recap – Week 1

Welcome to our weekly Arrowverse Recap where Andres and I will recap the shows. Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow will be recap every week and when midseason start Black Lightning will be added to the mix once it starts.


Of all the Arrowverse shows, Supergirl was the one that I looked the least forward. Season Two had been a big disappointment for me after a solid first half of the sophomore season the show gave way too much to the flawed character that was Mon-El and it became way too much about him then Supergirl herself. But still, I was looking forward to seeing Alex again and meeting Reign for the first time.

On this week’s episode, Kara still mourns the lost of Mon-El after the decision of making him go away in order to save the world and is ready to give up on Kara Danvers. Much like the third season of The Flash, Supergirl has decided that it will make it’s bubbly and energetic center character something else completely. Does it work? A bit because Benoist is able to make us believe that Kara wants nothing to do with her human side anymore but it is also so against everything Supergirl has been since the beginning. It will be interesting to see how the show will go forward and if it will lean into the melodrama of it all.

Again, the villain of the week is very weak. This has been a constant thing for Supergirl, they haven’t been able to create a good villain of the week and to be honest I could not tell you the name of the villain because he is so secondary to the story itself. Whether the show will go away from the villain of the week story in order to make more place for Reign is something else because last season they had problem with their arc for their villains, but they do have something going for them as Reign doesn’t know that she is a Kryptonian, she didn’t seem to know she had powers until events in the episode that made her “hulk-out” in order to save her daughter.

And once again one of the best parts of the episode was Alex and her relationship. Chyler Leigh is a powerhouse and the writers know how to use her. The speech she gave Kara to have her stop sulking was one of the highlights of the episode. It will be interesting to see where the story will go now that we know that Floriana Lima will be leaving and that will probably mark the end of the relationship between Alex and Maggie, one of the best parts of the show.

Supergirl has a lot of work to do in order to make this season better than the last. While it improved on a lot in its sophomore season, it also became problematic in a lot of aspects. But with the possibility of an entertaining origin story for its main villain, it has potential to go back to what it was before and go back to being one of the best series in the Arrowverse.

The Flash

Andres here, to talk about really the only Arrowverse show I’m caught up with. Sometimes, I’m not entirely sure why.

The last season ended as every other season has, with a big event that will change the fabric of the show… for maybe an episode or two. This season is no different. It isn’t long before Barry is back with Team Flash (or Team Kid Flash, or Team Vibe). It feels childish at this point to see the writers write themselves into something as big as a Speed Force Prison, just to swap him out with a ball of sorts.

This year, we get a villain of the week that Cisco that first calls Mifune, which is a lovely tribute to Toshiro Mifune who is most known for his work in Seven Samurai. He eventually calls the villain Samuroid (takes longer than usual, but it’s the show’s way of showing us we’re rusty and slowly getting back to “normal” [a loose term to use for a show about metahumans]). He arrives and asks for Flash, and when Kid Flash and Vibe show up, Samuroid asks for the real one and gives the team 24 hours before he returns to destroy the city.

At this point, everything speeds up way too much (this show allows too many speed puns). They rush Barry to come back, and when he does, he’s not himself. He begins talking absolute nonsense, he seems to be unaware of his surroundings. He even writes symbols on walls, which admittedly, turns out to be a great gag since it eventually translates to “this house is bitchin'”.

During this sequence and a few others, it seems as if there’s something different with the camerawork. I’m unaware if it’s due to them trying to speed up their story, or budgetary reasons, but the quality felt off for me in comparison to previous episodes.

As the episode continues, the team can’t find out how to fix Barry, so because it seems to make sense to Iris, she gives herself up so that Barry will show up and save her, and for no logical reason, he does. It’s another road that Barry has ran down, over and over. And with tradition, he has a new suit, and it’s really nice, as it always is. This time, he’s faster than he’s ever been before, which is ironic since this episode doesn’t have his opening dialogue about being the fastest man alive.

All in between this, the great Caitlyn Snow returns to the team, and she has been missed, by Team Flash and myself. She still has some of the dichotomy of both personas, so hopefully, it would be fun to see her do this Dr. Snow and Ms. Frost version of her character.

And finally, our big bad is not a speedster. It’s taken a while of having bad reveals (minus season one), but we aren’t hiding The Thinker. Someone, I know virtually nothing about so I will be glad to sit back and enjoy the ride, hopefully.

Legends of Tomorrow

Oh, Legends how I have missed you. It is so weird that Legends of Tomorrow went from being the weakest Arrowverse show in the first season to being one of the strongest, if not the strongest. Of all the Arrowverse show, Legends has the weirdest premise of all. A rag-tag group of heroes and villains travel through time to fix time itself. In its second season, the writers decided to ditch the serious tone that had been established and make that premise work to their advantage.

After a cliffhanger that left the legends breaking time itself, they now have to now fix it but as soon as Amaya gets ready to talk to a dinosaur who is in the middle of Los Angeles, Rip and the Time Bureau arrive to fix everything. Rip showing up made me laugh and I did laugh even more when Sara replied to him that he left 15 minutes ago. That’s the marvels of time travel isn’t it because even if it’s 15 minutes for the legends, it has been 5 years for Rip.

And then we jump 6 months in the future and we see the legends trying to live a normal life. Sara works at a Bed, Bath and Beyond time of store and just wants to kill her horrible boss, Ray works in Silicon Valley in a company inventing a new dating app, Nate is now a full-time superhero in Central City and also tries to forget Amaya who dumped him to go back to 1942, Jax dropped out of college because he misses their old gig. The only one who seems happy is Stein who lives a normal life with his family and now pregnant aberration daughter.

But when Rory, who is having a good time in Aruba (finally!) gets a very surprising visit from Julius Ceasar, Sara decides to meet with Nate and Ray to get back their ship and go fix their mistake. But when Rip doesn’t believe them, the group decides to be themselves and steal their ship back. And we are treated to our first badass Sara moment with the season with her beating the crap out of Ceasar while all the boys simply watch for the side. But when Rip gives them an ultimatum and tells them to bring back Ceasar to the Time Bureau, Sara starts to doubt herself because after all, she is the reason why this is happening. But after a heart to heart with Ceasar, she decides to go to Rome and drop Ceasar back.

But because this is Legends, of course, things get screwed up and they alter time. The Bureau comes to try and save everything but when Agent Sharp gets capture, the Legends decide to “be the chainsaw” and save everyone. And once again, we are treated to a badass Sara moment. (Honestly, Caity Lotz is the best asset this show has in term of stunts.) With that, Rip decides to let the legends keep their ship and help as much as they can. Which will be interesting because now the legends have the Time Bureau behind them now.

And the episode ends with us going to see Amaya in 1942 back home. And she got an upgrade because now she can summon animals and doesn’t need to fight anymore because the animals do it for her. We also have the first tease of the villain with a conversation between Rip and Agent Sharp.

“Sometimes we screw things up for the better” is the new motto the group decides to give themselves and it also explains the whole show. This show is campy, it’s funny and they have such stupid jokes (Rory saying “Your salad sucks” to Ceasar killed me) but it works.


Arrow had a lot to live up to. Coming off it’s the best season since Season 2, it had to live up to the massive cliffhanger that we were left off with last season. The problem, it wasn’t able to. All summer we saw pictures and announcements that would reveal who lived after the island exploded and that took away from the mystery of it all. And so as the episode plays out, every time we found out what happened, the problem is that it isn’t surprising because we have seen so many set pictures and released pictures.

This isn’t a bad episode but it isn’t a great one either. It picks up months after the events of the finale, and the whole episode we have revelations of who survived and who died. And here’s my first thing that I didn’t like. I knew that the show wasn’t going to kill everyone but the fact that the only character that was killed was Samantha, a character that we knew little about and frankly didn’t really care about. While the Al Ghul sisters are MIA and that Thea is in a coma, the fact that Samantha is the only one that died makes the cliffhanger from last season a lot less impactful. [Admin’s note: This sounds very CW-like, especially with these Flash finales.]

This episode deals with the fallout of what happened and Earth-2 Laurel is up to no good. Katie Cassidy playing a villain is amazing. Everything about this Laurel is different, even the way she walks and every time she’s on screen she commands the attention. Her plan is still very much unknown and her ultimate goal will be interesting to figure out but she makes for a very convincing villain. The other good thing about Earth-2 Laurel being there is that it gives a very compelling story arc for Quentin. He lost his daughter and now her evil twin is going around killing people. Their interaction is always full of tension and it will be interesting to learn more about Laurel and how she became Black Siren.

Diggle is dealing also with some sort of PTSD from the island explosion and while it is fun to see David Ramsey get a good storyline, it is difficult to buy that Diggle, a man who has seen war and a lot of things from being Spartan, would get PTSD from a simple explosion. This story might develop into something more over the course of the season but for now, it is very hard to buy what the writers want us to buy.

But Diggle isn’t the only one dealing with what happened. William has to deal with the fact that his mom is dead and that it happened because of who his father is. It was a nice twist that “the bad man” that William kept seeing in his dream wasn’t Adrian but Oliver. It makes for an interesting dynamic between the two and gives it a dramatic flair that wouldn’t have been there if William hadn’t been scared of his father.

And now let’s talk about the ending of the episode where it is revealed that Oliver’s secret identity as the Green Arrow has been exposed. It is something that they have already done and so it will be something to see how the writers make it different this time. Now, how it will affect Oliver and the team are going to be a good dynamic and who exposed him something that I look forward to seeing but I still hold my doubts about if they will be able to make it different then what they did before.


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