Star Trek: Discovery 104 – Review

“The best way to know yourself is to know others.” – Philippa Georgiou

Someone once told me that writing for a television show is like planting seeds in the ground and watering it so that it blooms into something. Discovery has been doing just that, and in this week’s episode, we finally see those seeds starting to blossom.

What Discovery does so well is the relationships that surround Michael. We see that connecting to people isn’t something she likes and the only person we have seen her truly connect with is Captain Georgiou. But now that she is dead because of her relating to people isn’t exactly something that she wishes or wants to do. We see that very clearly when she interacts with Saru. Their relationship is interesting because of their past, and how it all ended and the writers leaned heavily on that during the episode. In last week’s episode, Michael said to Saru that she would leave with the shuttle but she when she didn’t believe in Saru’s mind she started putting his crew in imminent danger. Their dynamic is something that the writers seem to want to explore more, and it will be interesting to see if the two will ever be able to put their past in the past. Because after this week’s episode they do end on opposite side when Michael decides to use Saru in order to try to prove a theory.

This week’s best character might be Lorcas. Last week, Discovery did something bold by making us doubt Lorcas intention and after this episode, we might trust him a little bit more, but it is still unclear where he stands. But what was done so well this week was show us what kind of Captain Lorcas was going to be. With the war at his door, Lorcas try to make his crew ready, but it becomes clear very fast that they aren’t. It’s interesting to see a Captain that is so different because he is also the exact opposite to Michael and you can see that this will probably lead to a clash in the future, even more with how he was ready to use the creature to his advantage while Michael just wanted to learn more about it.

Discovery might be an assemble cast, but it is about Michael and this week we got to explore another facet of her. The way she cared about that creature in a way that we haven’t seen her care yet. She is curious, and she wants to understand the beast, she doesn’t want to use it like everyone else on the ship. When they are finally able to use it to jump, we are finally able to see how she works and who she is. We know she is intelligent but seeing her figure out the creature is so exciting because for once we aren’t just told she is highly intelligent but we are shown, and so it is much easier to understand.

We also get back to the Klingons this week, and it is interesting to see that not much has changed for them. The death of their Messiah at the end of the second episode might have united them for now, but Voq might have taken over T’Kuvma missions to united the 24 tribes of Klingons, but not everyone is okay with it. I love that the show doesn’t take the audience for stupid people and let the Klingons speak their language and have us read the subtitles. It is an excellent way to have us be in the universe and make us understand that they speak multiple languages in this world. The Klingons storyline seems a bit disconnected to the main one on the ship so it will be interesting to see how that changes.

And now to the best surprise, the return of Captain Georgiou. It had been announced at New York Comic Con that Michelle Yeoh was going to come back multiple times during the series and to see her appear at the end of the episode to give her will to Michael was a nice touch. Michael feels guilty to what happened to her Captain and her actions in the opening episodes will probably come back to haunt her in time, but it was a nice touching moment that ended the episode on a positive note as Michael slowly starts accepting her new reality.

Discovery is gradually establishing itself to be one of the best sci-fi shows out there. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds and how it changes slowly. It is safe to say that at this point we can start trusting the team behind it because they have been doing an excellent job at not only creating new stories but also keeping the feeling of the original series.


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