Doctor Strange – Review

Yup, another superhero movie review…

If you are familiar with Marvel and their body of work, then you should be aware that a lot of their content is based on the extension of today’s science. I say an extension of today’s science because most of their work is designed through initial theories of modern questions and “what if’s” that people tend to ask themselves, but turned up a notch to make it a work of fiction.

With that being said, they do try to introduce new concepts that are far beyond science, such as magic. Yes, the Thor films did bring some of that element to the big screen but even those movies admitted that their world is a mixture of science and magic. But what if Marvel had a franchise that is centered around nothing but sorcery? What if stuff didn’t have to make sense, yet it could create many possibilities? This is where Doctor Strange comes into play.

To start things off, I am very unfamiliar with the Doctor Strange comic book series in comparison with the rest of Marvel’s massive roster of characters and stories. So coming into this movie I really didn’t have any expectations as to what the story was going to be all about. What I did predict, however, was that the visuals were going to be absolutely stunning. And I was right on that part.

If I could describe the visual in a couple of words, I would say Doctor Strange is a colourful collage of boundless shapes, in a distorted illusion of space and time. Or, some would call it “Inception on Crack”. It was such a thrill to watch the characters travel through other parallels of our world, which made it new and fresh for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My only regret is that I wish I could’ve watched this movie high. Don’t judge me.

Speaking of the characters, Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome! I believe he did such an amazing job playing an arrogant, yet caring, asshole that isn’t afraid to push boundaries. I love everything about Stephen Strange; from his mannerisms, his ego-driven personality, to the unbelievable similarities to Tony Stark. Cumberbatch has made him a beloved character we cant help but get behind. My only complaint was that I thought his progression on becoming a sorcerer was rushed as I would like to have witnessed more of his transition. Nonetheless, this movie made me into a Doctor Strange fan.

When it comes to Marvel, with great heroes sometimes comes lackluster villains. I am a huge fan of Mads Mikkelsen but I was disappointed by the absence of depth his character brings. Kaecilius had the potential to become a tragic antagonist but his mission was so one-sided I almost didn’t care for his next move. It was a shame to see an actor, who is known to play precise, methodical characters, to be wasted as a boring enemy of the hero.

Besides the visuals and Cumberbatch’s performance, the theme is what really stuck out for me personally. What Doctor Strange taught me was the fear of failure and how to overcome it. The Ancient One (played by Tilda Swinton) trained Stephen Strange on how to reach your potential by not being afraid to try. Even if you have limitations, there are other unlimited paths to take. I will forever take this to heart. Thank you, oh Ancient One.

There are a number of other topics to discuss like the clever action, the sarcastic humour, or my wife Rachel McAdams. But all there is really left to say is that this is another great asset in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you are looking for something exciting and dynamic, I suggest getting your asses up to go watch Doctor Strange.

I will definitely be watching this film again, only this time on the big IMAX screen and high as fuck.


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