Stranger Things

I’m not late at all or anything…

But I just finished watching Stranger Things and what a wild ride that was. The day the 8 episode series came out, a lot of my friends took on to social media to proclaim their newfound love. Some of those friends even reached out to me and told me I simply had to watch the new Netflix-bred series. 3 months later...

October is upon us. I’m looking for something to watch that will go along the Halloween vibes all-around but nothing too spooky because I’m not one for horror (I’m really not). I had to restrain myself from watching re-runs of Scooby-Doo for the millionth time and then I remembered the existence of this series someone described as the child of E.T., Goonies and Super 8.


Stranger Things welcomes you into a game of Dungeon & Dragons, along with 4 twelve-year-olds whose imagination is invested passionately into the journey. When it’s time to bike back home, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) doesn’t make it and completely disappears. His family feels guilty because they were both working that night, to bring some very much needed extra cash. His friends are already preparing for the worst. The police of the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, doesn’t quite take the matter seriously. Mystical and weird events will soon follow, spiralling you into a state of wonder.


What is truly beautiful about this series is that it leaves you guessing, all the time. You never truly know what is happening. They feed you information drop by drop, only to mess with you once more. The script is captivating and smart, the relationships built on camera are strong and believable. It is the true mark of good craftsmanship when it comes to television productions. The cinematography is simple, yet fascinating, and even thrilling during some of the most suspenseful scenes. Every conscious choice they made in post-production (can we talk about this flawless colour editing) fits the canvas perfectly, creating a mood of gloom and wonderment.

Every episode completely engulfs you and brings you in closer. You almost feel like you belong in Hawkins and the characters, who are all flawed, compel you into staying for more. And something that I’m thankful for is that while it is a creepy show, they never go overboard on the gore. It’s as tasteful as a spooky series should be, in my easily-scared person’s opinion. There is much more I could add to this but I feel like I would be spoiling you. Stranger Things is a series to be experienced, whole-heartedly.


P.S.: I’m thinking of going as the Byer’s house for my Halloween costume. Right? Right!


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