What Does David Fincher Mean To Us?

The writers return to discuss what our Director of the week means to us.

Notable Films: Fight Club, Gone Girl

I have a list of people in the entertainment industry that I will support to my dying day throughout their careers and all of their projects. David Fincher is one of those people. Fincher became a notable director for me when I saw Fight Club for the first time (many years after the release considering I was only four). It was on TV one night at 2 am and I thought why the hell not, I heard so much about it so I might as well watch it. After that, I knew why everyone always talked about that movie and why it became so well-known and well received. All of Fincher’s films that I didn’t see yet but heard much about, after watching them I had that same reaction. There are some directors that don’t make a lasting impact, perhaps the film just didn’t resonate. They may never become a favourite, or they become one quite later on, but after Fight Club finished I saw a lot of what Fincher has to offer and he wasn’t a person to be ignored. From then on anything with his name on it had my attention. When Gone Girl was released, I read that book so fast so I could see the movie (yes I’m one of those people) and I walked out of there once again thinking, I get it. While he does have my support it doesn’t come without criticism. I recognize the excellence of his work but I also realize that not everything he does will be great. Being a true fan is being there even after the last project was garbage and be willing to put faith in those people again.

Notable Films: The Social Network and the rest of his filmography

When it comes down to writing about what David Fincher means to me, I struggle a little bit. Not because I have nothing to say but perhaps because there is so much to mention that my brain becomes chaotic. Fincher has directed not only my favourite film of all time (The Social Network) but has also climbed his way to the top of my list of sarcastic pricks that I love. His style is so very much his own that it baffles me. You can easily recognize his touch and his perfectionism taints every scene. We always talk about how Kubrick would make his actors start a scene over dozens of time but so does Fincher and it’s this kind of “OCD-ness” that has brought his films to the top. Even the movies I enjoy a bit less (like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) make me think about what a good film is and David Fincher hits all the marks, all the time. I will forever look up to him as the man who has built perfect teams to create flawless cinematography. Honestly, he surrounds himself with the best people out there to create beautiful art and that just makes me a little emotional so I’m gonna stop right here.

Notable Films: Fight Club, Zodiac, Gone Girl

It goes without saying that Fight Club is one of the most important films I’ve ever seen. It jumpstarted my love for movies, and it very much was a gateway to the rest of cinema. Without Fight Club, there would be no The Film Queue. The images that Fincher makes are sometimes completely inspiring to me. His journey from ILM to music videos and to feature-length films is a fascinating one. With each film, you can see his talent grow and grow. Zodiac is one of the films that work best to his sensibilities with The Game and Gone Girl being the other. With Gone Girl feeling like it’s a really sweet film coming from Fincher. And this is when everyone questions my brain for considering Gone Girl to be sweet.


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