Suicide Squad – Review

To start things off, I have to apologise. I’m apologising to you guys in advance because this is going to be straight to the point, fairly quick review. The reason behind this is that I have zero passion for writing about my thoughts on something I feel nothing for. It’s that simple, I feel nothing after watching Suicide Squad, absolutely nothing. I will try to pull up what I thought was decent and what I thought was atrocious in order to make this a compelling review so bare with me.

I guess I can start off with the pros (if any). Deadshot was the obvious main star of the film. Being played by Will Smith was a good choice because he brought the character personal traits that are easy to get behind through his signature charm and humour. Other characters such as Amanda Waller was portrayed great and El Diablo was relatable as well but they did not have enough backstory and time to stand out. The title of this movie should’ve been called Deadshot & Friends.

And to give credit where credit is due, I do have to give Zack Snyder props for directing a particular short scene that introduced a cameo of a major DC hero. It was cool while it lasted.

[Admin’s Note: It wasn’t the full scene, it was literally just one shot of the hero in front of a green screen.]

Okay, the cons. The acting overall was lacklustre. It ranged from decent to horrendous. The Enchantress especially was cringe worthy to watch and made me not take her as a serious threat to the team. I will admit however her special effects were wicked to witness. And the rest of the cast (not including Harley Quinn and The Joker as I will get to them later) were pointless and uninteresting.

I felt like the action could’ve been a lot better too. Most of the time, the action can be described as a shootout of zombie-like creatures which made it unoriginal yawn fest.

The pacing of the story structure wasn’t as bad as Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice but felt awkward at times. Some scenes were also forced such as the part where they introduced the squad at the beginning of the film. This seems to be a continued flaw from Batman V. Superman.

Now onto Harley Quinn and The Joker. I believe Margot Robbie was the perfect choice for the role but she didn’t quite reach her full potential to shine. At the beginning she was fine but as the movie progressed, her lines got cheesier and cheesier and the more I heard her talk, the more I got super annoyed.

The first time watching Suicide Squad, I unfairly compared Jared Leto to Heath Ledger’s performance and was left with a bad taste in my mouth. The second time around, I really treated Jared Leto’s Joker as the first time I’ve seen the character on a big screen and I came out of that a bit more satisfied. I did not take away any memorable moments or classic lines but I will say however that the Scarface-mob boss type Joker is a unique take on The Clown Prince of Crime. To be fair, he was only in the movie for a combined couple of minutes but I am interested in seeing how his chemistry with Ben Affleck’s Batman will play out.

And that’s the review. Out of the three DC Cinematic Universe movies, Man of Steel is in first place by a long shot. Suicide Squad had the potential to be the “Guardians of the Galaxy” of the DC film franchise but ended up being an unimpressive collection of unmemorable storytelling. I am concerned for the future DC movies yet to come.



2 comments on “Suicide Squad – Review”
  1. Kam says:

    Y’all hating on the movie to much, I thought it was ok, I mean it could of been way better of course if the story was written right and directing was better but I thought deadshot was good cus will Smith is ma nigga, el Diablo was cool, Harley Quinn was well played, joker wasn’t there much, captain boomerang was useless and he didn’t do much, killer croc was meh, slipknot was the most useless character there, I wonder how much he got paid to be in the movie but enchantress was pretty fucked up cus she’s crazy but I thought it was cool and obviously could of done better, Amanda Waller was ok, she annoyed me, katana was pointless, and Rick flag was weak but in the end if they followed the suicide squad animation film from like a year or 2 ago, I think it would of made a hell of a story. To conclude my awesome comment, will Smith killed it and of course Margot Robbie is soooooooo damnnnnnn sexy!! So yeah I give them a thumbs up for the attempt to make atleast an okay film 🙂

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  2. Nice review! Interesting to read a different take on Suicide Squad. I felt the film was a fun ride, but didn’t prevail as much more than a bit of summer blockbuster fun…Do check out my review and let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear your feedback!

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