Director’s Week: Steven Spielberg

A new Director’s Week here at The Film Queue.

One week out of every month will be dedicated to a single director.

This week belongs to no other than Steven Spielberg who admittedly deserves more than just a week, in fact, we could possibly write about his films and impact to cinema for a full month. The writers here are really excited to talk about the director who has constantly been behind some of the best and most important films of all time. Sadly, we can’t write about all of his films, but only a select few, but I believe that our choices in which we cover are films that need to be covered.

This post will work as a master post, so as the week continues, we will update this page with all our dedicated articles.

Happy reading!

First Film – Duel
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
E.T – The Extra-Terrestrial
Saving Private Ryan
The Terminal

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Darren Aronofsky

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