Ghostbusters – Review

Ghostbusters was on my top 5 most anticipated movies of the Summer and being assigned to review it was quite a pleasure! In the end, did the movie disappoint me or did I have a blast? Keep reading to get to know a bit more about this new installment of a well-beloved franchise.

My first thought when the cast was announced? GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS! Excitement is an understatement. Strong female voices are my jam and funny girls are my peanut butter, therefore Ghostbusters was already a damn good sandwich in my opinion. Add to that the drama that was being stirred by men and I was ready to defend this new film with my whole being. Apparently, because the ghost squad was now an all-female crew, “the film wouldn’t be funny”. Were the haters, right? Absolutely not! I caught myself laughing out loud multiple times. The chemistry in-between the girls is bouncing off the charts. Special mention to Kate McKinnon whose character Jillian Holtzmann was so hilariously well-fleshed and so wonderfully weird that it made me want to marry her right there in the movie theatre.


So yes, the movie is funny. Yes, all the doubts about this new installment being dry and uninteresting were shut down. It didn’t matter to me that the storyline wasn’t packed with suspense because the movie worked. The movie starts with Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) who receives the visit of a man who bought her book about ghosts. She is startled because she had shut down that part of her life to focus on being a physics teacher at a prestigious university. She pays a visit to her ex-partner in paranormal activity Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) to tell her a piece of her mind but as soon as she mentions the ghost activity in the Mulgrave Mansion, the 3 girls will be on their way to investigate. The ghost is very much real and they decide to form an alliance to look into the Manhattan ghost infestation. The witty and hilarious Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) will join the squad after she faces a ghost of her own on the subway tracks where she works. The menace gets stronger but together, they will face the danger even if people make fun of them on social media…

I cannot stress enough how wonderful the chemistry was between the four actresses. As soon as the whole squad formed, the movie became captivating. No need for forced romance (even with eye-candy Chris Hemsworth in the role of Kevin the receptionist). The special effects were nicely done, the storyline interesting and all the cameos were absolutely perfect. There is one downfall to the script though and that is how little stress we feel for the girls. Even in the bigger battles against the spirits, we never feel like they will lose. It almost feels too easy and that would be my only complaint. The film otherwise was tons of fun and had a soundtrack just as addicting to create an interesting two hours of cinematography.


Forget what the haters say, women are funny as hell and Ghostbusters didn’t disappoint. By the end, I honestly really wanted a second film so now I’ll be praying that we get a new installment in a few years. Please hear me Columbia Pictures.


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