Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – Review

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is directed by Jake Szymanski about two brothers, Dave (Zac Efron) and Mike (Adam Devine) Stangle who love to party, perhaps a bit too much. They wreak havoc at every family event so when it’s time for their sister’s destination wedding in Hawaii, their parents request that they bring respectable wedding dates. They eventually stumble upon two friends, Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) who trick the men into thinking they are “nice girls”, only for the brothers to find out it’s quite the opposite.


Mike, Dave, Tatiana, and Alice are outrageous characters. A lot of the time it works and other times it really doesn’t. I read an article that said most of the acting was improv, which is really impressive but Adam Devine particular gets a little over the top and I ended up raising an eyebrow quite a bit. They came across as these extreme versions of people that eliminate their relatability as characters at points. There were one too many scenes that went on for far too long and the longer it did the more the laughter died down becoming slightly awkward. Then there were constant referrals back to the jokes that didn’t work in the first place almost in an attempt to make it funnier but it certainly had the opposite effect. Don’t get me wrong, I still thought it was mostly hilarious. There are genuine moments of side splitting laughter.

Most of the actors work together well that resulted in a lot of fun to watch them. Although, I found that the two women were funnier as a duo, same with the two men. They never quite click outside of those pairings, making the scenes with Efron and Kendrick or Plaza and Devine weaker than others. Whether that’s the result of acting, writing, slightly mismatched chemistry or a combination of all is where I am unsure. Unsurprisingly like with all comedies of this nature, as the end approaches they amp up the sincerity which added a bit more dimension to the characters but resulted in a typical run of the mill storyline. Having a cliché storyline isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it became cliché for a reason, and if executed well it can be an extremely good film. Mike and Dave came close to that but didn’t quite hit that mark. With that said, I wouldn’t complain if there is a sequel.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is the type of movie that you watch, have a good time with then forget about it. If you go into this film simply wanting a good laugh with some likeable actors, that’s what you will receive and in that sense, it does not disappoint.


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