Kennisha’s 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies

It’s been a pretty slow summer for movies so far but writing this list made me realise there are a whole bunch of movies to get excited about. Here is my list of the top five films I’m looking forward to, arranged in order of least to most anticipated.

5. Suicide Squad


I think everyone is excited for this. The hype around it is extremely high and everyone is hoping for the best. The cast is pretty spectacular and I’m especially interested in seeing how Jared Leto revamps the Joker.

4. Secret Life of Pets

This looks freaking adorable and hilarious. As humans, it’s interesting to think about how animals can communicate with each other and what type of shenanigans they get up to when we’re gone. It’s looking to be a great film for both children and adults.

3. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Every time I mention to people that I am excited about this film they scoff at me and say something along the lines of “oh because of Efron”, while in fact, it is because of Anna Kendrick. I’d marry her in a heartbeat. Anyways, I have a guilty pleasure for college party comedies and while this isn’t a college party flick I feel like it has a similar vibe, except less male-centric. The cast is hilarious and I’m looking forward to an overall good time.

2.Don’t Breathe

Jane Levy

I need to have at least one horror movie on this list and luckily Don’t Breathe comes out this summer. Don’t Breathe hasn’t been on my radar until recently but the premise (a trio of thieves break into a blind veteran’s house and things don’t go as planned) really captured my attention. The director Fede Alvarez was the person behind Evil Dead (2013) and while I am not a huge fan of that film, he is clearly a talented guy. I think he’ll be able to make this into a great film.

1. Sausage Party


My favourite guy Seth Rogen is a part of this so naturally I’m pumped. There are a couple people in the film industry that for the most part, I’ll support no matter what and Seth Rogen is one of them. I think he’s super down to earth, hilarious, and a stand-up guy who always makes quality material. He continues to push the envelope and evolve to make his material relevant yet funny. It’s people like that who deserve support in the entertainment industry. Some of the biggest names right now and some more of my personal favourites (Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson, James Franco etc,) are in this movie, making it hard not to be ridiculously excited. Plus it’s an animated film made specifically for adults, finally, I won’t have to bring my little sister as a cover up for wanting to see animated movie.


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