Andres’ 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies

We are entering the summer season, which is the time that film studios release all their big blockbusters. Hidden among them, you can typically find some nice little gems. These are the five films I’m looking forward to the most this summer.

Closet Monster 

First with Closet Monster, we have Stephen Dunn make his feature film debut, and apparently, he did incredible with it. It premiered at TIFF this past September and then won the Best Canadian Feature. Watching the trailer, Dunn appears to have made a visually stunning and also very moving coming of age film. Just like Sleeping Giant (which won Best Canadian First Feature Film), both played at TIFF during it’s Top Ten Canadian Films of the Year. The trailer also mentions that the film feels like a mixture between Xavier Dolan, and David Cronenberg. If that doesn’t at least intrigue you, we can’t be friends.

Don’t Think Twice


There are a few reasons this made it onto my list. Let’s start with the cast. Keegan-Michael Key is hilariously talented, as is Gillian Jacobs. From my adoration of her in Community, and this year’s Love. Mike Birbiglia is always in the film, and he’s great. He wrote and directed this film, and if you’re unfamiliar with his work, watch his stand-up special My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, which is both heartwarming and hilarious. It’s story-telling at it’s finest. Don’t Think Twice looks sweet, hilarious and charming, all while being about improv with a cast that’s built for it.

The Founder


Michael Keaton. Let’s all agree that Michael Keaton has been killing it lately. Two years in a row, he’s starred in a film that won Best Picture at the Oscars. Would he be like Chivo, and help win three years in a row? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean he won’t help make a great film. The Founder is about McDonald’s, and how it went from being a restaurant to growing into the fast-food empire it is today. It’s some food for thought the next time you buy yourself a Big Mac this summer.

Don’t Breathe 

Fun fact: Don’t Breathe is also my most anticipated horror film of the year. Directed by Fede Alvarez who recently (relative term) directed the Evil Dead remake (which I liked, didn’t love) is back again working with producer/legend/prior Director’s Week alum Sam Raimi. Alvarez appears to have made a truly terrifying film in which Rocky (Jane Levy) and Alex (Dylan Minette) attempt to rob a blind man’s house for easy money, but unfortunately, the blind man is played by Stephen Lang, and he won’t let it happen without a fight. The film seems to showcase its severe importance of sound in a horror film.

Morris From America


A24. A24 is my favourite distribution company right now. If you would look at my top 5 list, 3 out of the 5 films would have been distributed by A24 (Green Room, The Witch, and Swiss Army Man (that’s a late addition)). They’ve been doing incredible work since they’ve started, and I’ve first caught hold of what they were doing with the 2013 masterpiece, Spring Breakers (this is not a joke). So, whenever they mention they have a new movie out, I perk up, and I begin paying attention to that film. When I heard that A24 picked up Morris From America, which has Curtis (Craig Robinson) and his son Morris (newcomer Markees Christmas) who move to Germany. Morris wants to grow up to be a professional rapper, but first, he needs to grow up. Having seen the trailer, the film looks incredible, and with a Run The Jewels track playing in the trailer, it appears it’ll have a great soundtrack as well.


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