Léa’s 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies

We’re looking at our most anticipated films of the summer, so here are mine! The list is ordered by release date.

The Secret Life of Pets
Release Date: July 8


It’s always been a subject of wonderment to me how animals communicate with each other. As a child, I believed that they knew how to speak French and that they only waited for us mere humans to leave the room. This film looks like a lot of fun and is bringing this topic to light so I am excited.

Captain Fantastic
Release Date: July 15


I will be honest, I have not seen a trailer for this. I’m putting it on my “most anticipated” list because the poster caught my eye when I walked around the movie theatre last week. The synopsis proves to be quite interesting and I am looking forward to a (probably) good performance from Viggo Mortensen.

Release Date: July 15


To say I’m pumped about this return is an understatement. Hello, an all-female cast? Hell yes! With eye-candy Chris Hemsworth? Double hell yes! I am counting the days until I have to review this film and until then I shall listen to the remake of the song by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott.

Le Petit Prince
Release Date: August 5


French is my mother tongue. In primary school, 98% of the kids had to read the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I will forever remember the beautiful imagery he managed to create within these pages and I simply cannot wait to see it on screen. I am a firm believer that the story will translate magnificently to film.

Suicide Squad
Release Date: August 5


I am expecting to see this film on a lot of ”most anticipated” film lists. Every trailer has made me more and more excited about the movie. The addition of the stellar song “Heathens” by twenty one pilots is just yet another reason get pumped about this DC instalment. I am hoping that David Ayer’s style of directing will bring some fire to the movie!



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