Kennisha’s Top 5 (so far) of 2016

It’s been a pretty good year so far for films, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year has to offer. Here are the movies I’m loving so far, in no particular order.

Green Room 
Directed By Jeremy Saulnier


Firstly, I’m still wrecked over Anton Yelchin, he was such a talented guy and left the world far too early. He was amazing in Green Room and one of the best parts of the entire film. Along with Patrick Stewart who is an unbelievable actor, it’s hard not to have a great time in this film. There is just the right amount of fear, gore, and humour in combination with a great cast and highly entertaining story I see Green Room being one of my favourites for the year.

The Witch 
Directed by Robert Eggers


I watched this for the first time at TIFF last year and it was chilling. When I watched it again for its official release in theatres I loved the experience even more. It is truly terrifying in small ways, most of which do not have anything to do with the witch herself. The paranoia, suspense, and slow destruction of a family were incredible focal points that created an uneasy experience as a viewer. Plus with amazing performances from all of the cast in combination with Eggers, they created a captivating and memorable film.

Captain America: Civil War
Directed by Joe Russo, Anthony Russocivil war

Captain America has always been my favourite Avenger. I love all the films and Civil War was no different. Superhero movies have a simplistic formula that works well (for the most part) and that’s what I love. The action, comedy, and connection you form with the characters create a universe that’s hard not to adore.

Directed By Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush


Any movie, let alone a children’s movie that can (mostly) pull off tackling social issues is a winner to me. It was cute, funny, sassy, and socially relevant, making it a lot of fun to watch. Judy and Nick were such a dynamic duo and I really hope more movies are created with these characters.

Directed By Mike Flanagan


This movie put Mike Flanagan on the map for me. Plus with the highly talented Kate Siegal as the lead, I was left with very few things not to love. What seems like a simplistic twist with a woman who is deaf showcased Flanagan’s ability to take what seems like a run of the mill movie to a new level. This resulted  in a memorable film and created me as a loyal fan of Flanagan’s past and future work.



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