Kennisha’s Film Queue (Catch-Up Edition)

The Grey’s Anatomy addiction continues so I decided to compile the movies I’ve seen over the past few weeks into one article. Happy Reading!

Me Before You (2016)
Directed by Thea Sharrock

The characters are by far the best part of this story, both book and movie wise. Emilia Clarke brought Lou to life in incredible ways. I can’t imagine anyone else doing better. The over zealousness, quirky outfits all hit the mark. In combination with Sam Claflin as Will Traynor, they were an interesting pair. The humour was cute and entertaining but it’s the emotional aspects that lacked here and there. It came across as almost cold at points. You care, but not enough because at points the acting lacked a bit of sincerity. Essentially what I’m saying is the book is better (as usual).

Of course, there is the controversial part of the film *spoiler* when Will decides to opt for medical suicide assistance, sparking rage among disability activists and generally the disabled community. I struggled so hard with my opinion on the matter but making it seem like well, of course, he would want to kill himself, who would want to live like THAT, is a huge issue. While many people argued he’s just one person/character who made a decision, yes he is, but he’s a character in mainstream media and he represents more than just himself. But at the same time, I can’t discount that in life people have a choice. Suicide is a very real choice people make. Whether it’s the right choice isn’t for me to judge.  But people with disabilities are perfectly capable of “living boldly”, and the portrayal of disability is quite a tragedy in the overall story.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)
Directed By James Wan

I think I’m the only person who didn’t like this. I found it to be quite slow at parts. The storyline got repetitive just to rush a conclusion and to top it off I wasn’t scared. I remember one scene of true fear and the rest wasn’t memorable. And I scare easily. Extremely easily. So the fact that I walked out of there, completely forgot about it and slept soundly speaks volumes personally. Although part of me feels like I missed something. I’m planning on rewatching it so we’ll see if my opinion changes at all. Andres’ perspective is a lot different than mine and you can read his review here.

[Admin’s Note: Having seen the film twice now, I had a little bit of a problem with a few things but I also walked out liking it more than I did the first time. The sheer craft and the fact that James Wan plays with your expectations for the entire film is what helps make the film terrifying, and it actually is.

Central Intelligence (2016)
Directed by  Rawson Marshall Thurber

My opinion on this movie can’t be wholly trusted because I admit I fell asleep here and there. With that said, I didn’t like it too much. I found the humour to be uncomfortably awkward at points. It was funny but a weird funny and not always a good weird funny. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson weren’t the greatest duos is those specific characters but I think they have the potential to be great under different circumstances. The storyline fell a little flat, perhaps in an attempt to showcase strong characters but then the story, characters and humour didn’t work so you’re left with little to appreciate.

William wrote the review for this, read his perspective here.

American Ultra (2015)
Directed by Nima Nourizadeh

Also fell asleep. I like Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg together. They’re a cute and interesting pair. Honestly, I can’t say more than that, all I remember is a lot of fighting and drugs.

Speed Racer (2008)
Directed by The Wachowskis

The Film Queue screened Speed Racer in celebration of the first year in operation, as well for director’s week on the Wachowskis. I went in extremely skeptical, left up to my own devices I would have never watched this film. Before the movie began, Jeffrey and Andres went to the front to say a few words. Jeff mentioned the loud visuals and I groaned internally hoping I wouldn’t get a headache. Despite all my complaints prior I loved it. The Wachowskis took a film about racing and incorporated themes of family, perseverance, passion and tangled it up into a really fun, uplifting film. It ended up being a great choice for The Film Queue, and Andres wrote a bit about it here.

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)
Directed by James DeMonaco

I really love the Purge films even despite the first one being far less than perfect. Anarchy fixed every single problem I had with the first one resulting in an incredible film. My sisters and I started watching it and my Dad joined in. He was kinda tuned out, but as the Purge night began he said “what kind of fucked up movie is this… Turn it up”. Even my dad was on board and he is not a movie guy.

What I love is the concept is interesting yet frightening on so many levels. A part of me wouldn’t be surprised if the government instated a similar occasion, but what’s worse is I think in reality people would partake. I just wonder how much of our humanity is naturally occurring or just regulated by social norms and laws. Anarchy was able to capture the complexity of humanity within the different experiences of people on Purge night. It successfully combines with a storyline that flowed well, while incorporating the most important political aspect of the Purge is to eradicate the poor. Everything in this film works for me. I’m very very excited for Election Day.

The Shallows (2016)
Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

I didn’t know much walking into this, I knew it’s about a shark and has Blake Lively but that’s about it. I expected it to be bad and I was right. Luckily it’s entertaining and laughably bad. Blake Lively is not a very good actress, her co-star the seagull was better than her but it creates a lot of moments of laughter. On top of that is was all too convenient. She gets attacked by a shark but don’t worry, she’s a med student. Her friend just happens to get sick before the trip to the beach AND goes off for the night so the character is alone and no one knows she’s missing. Luckily, it didn’t take itself too seriously and you’re able to laugh at its ridiculousness.


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