Central Intelligence – Review

Central Intelligence was one of the movies I was anticipating for this summer; and with great reasons too. In this film, you have a generic, but a fun premise that is easy for audiences to get into. Throw that in a genre of action-comedy and you have what I like to call ‘potential’. I say ‘potential’ because so far from what I described Central Intelligence, it could become a cult classic following the foot steps of  such films like Rush Hour or 21 Jump Street. On the other hand, it could lead to a disastrous waste of time like Cop Out for example. What Central Intelligence and the rest of the films I mentioned have in common is that they have the ‘buddy-cop’ or ‘buddy-duo’ element. Depending on which two actors will star in the movie, they can actually distract the viewer from the basic storyline and convince them to appreciate the film more than it deserves to.

This brings up my overall point on why I was so excited to go watch Central  Intelligence. This film stars arguably two of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment industry: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart. That fact alone makes me wanna go watch it. I mean, first off, Dwayne Johnson is pretty much universally loved through his charming personality, great looks, and his dedication to hard work. Secondly, Kevin Hart is on a role with a number of movies he is in, adding to the fact that he has taken over the thrown in the kingdom of comedy. So, putting together the most successful comedian with someone like The  Rock that knows a little  thing or two about being a badass and making people laugh, is a brilliant move.

Their strategy to market Central  Intelligence is somewhat genius. Both Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have tremendous social media following and play out  funny skits to their fans to promote the film. As someone who follows both stars on Instagram, I found the videos really hilarious.

The chemistry  between the two was effortless. The comedy came off natural and the dialogue helped Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart trade funny lines back and forth. As a viewer, you can tell they had so much fun , which made me appreciate their scenes together.

Just like almost every action comedy movie, the storyline suffers. The main attraction in Central  Intelligence is Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart and their dynamic drawing power. Their chemistry and comedy overshadow the premise, which makes me believe everyone that was involved with the film spent less time on the story than awing at the presence of the entertainers. When watching the movie, don’t be surprised to catch unrealistic scenes that end up not making sense.

Overall I enjoyed Central Intelligence. I knew the duo had the potential to make me laugh and I ended up laughing, a lot. However, the humour took over the plot so badly to the point that I only noticed the flaw while walking back  home and talking to my brother about it instead of when I was watching the movie. There were also some surprise guests appearances which only made me laugh even more. It is really hard nowadays to find that one perfect  “buddy-duo” action comedy that nails the action, the humour, and the plot and Central  Intelligence  is one of those films where you just have to appreciate  it for what it is. Go watch this film and laugh your ass off!



3 comments on “Central Intelligence – Review”
  1. Absolutely loved the onscreen pairing of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in this movie. Not only was it a brilliant marketing move by the studio, it actually worked! Nice review, enjoyed reading it.


    1. William Adore says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the film and my review. Thank you very much for reading!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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