Finding Dory – Review

Finding Dory is a wave of emotions. (ah!) As it is a sequel, I was scared and expecting the worst. When the credits rolled in, I was searching for details I might have disliked about the film. Disclaimer: I found nothing.

Dory has short term memory loss. She’s wildly adorable and could convince anyone to swim the whole ocean with her. I remember her character in Finding Nemo as the comic relief but here she wins you over and makes you cry. This movie isn’t just a comedy, it has beautiful flashbacks with baby Dory which helps flesh out her character even more. And although the movie always remains positive, you can tell how traumatic this experience was for her and it is quite sad.


Dory is living happily in her routine with Marlin and Nemo when suddenly, an event triggers her memory. She has parents and she doesn’t know where they are. Because of her condition, Dory had completely forgotten about her family and the fact that she had been looking for them for practically her whole life. She convinces her two friends to follow her in this important quest and off they go, facing the dangerous side of the ocean once more.

The tale of our protagonist’s life is sad but yet she finds ways to smile and joke around. As Dory remembers, she also feels the pain of her loss once again but it’s tainted with hope. She has Marlin and Nemo with her, therefore, she cannot fail. That is until they get separated and have to find a way to meet again, making for one great action movie (yes, I said it. It felt like a spy-movie in quite a few scenes and it was great).

Finding Dory is as much about finding yourself as it is about the people you love and surround yourself with. As much as she misses her parents, she realizes that she has a family of her own now. Remembering hurts but it’s better than feeling nothing. Dory has a purpose and she can’t be stopped. Her character truly is inspiring and I found myself completely immersed in the story, just like a fish in the water (ah! ”Comme un poisson dans l’eau” is a saying that makes more sense in French, no more ocean puns I swear).

Of course, you can’t talk about this movie without mentioning the great voice acting. I loved how personalized the characters were. The turtles were surfer dudes from the west coast and the seals had Scottish accents. Those are little characteristics that add richness to an animated film. You can tell they spent a few years on Finding Dory because of every tiny detail, for example, the scene with Hank the septopus (he lost one of his tentacles and therefore Dory renamed him septopus instead of octopus, what a genius):

What you will get from Finding Dory is not only an amazing sequel but also a movie that could very easily stand on its own. It’s funny, has good action and makes you go through a palette of emotions. I honestly recommend you go watch it whenever you can, you won’t be disappointed. At my showing, there were only 3 kids in the theatre and most of the crowd was millennials or men in suits who came directly from work to see this film. We pretty much all laughed to tears at some point.

So, my question is: what are you waiting for?



2 comments on “Finding Dory – Review”
  1. Jaden C. Kilmer says:

    Ha! Seems like Dory’s surprising a lot of people. I also went in with a little temepered expectations and came away satisfied. Though I do have some gripes.

    Nice review, and if you wanna see my in depth thoughts come on by to and take a look! There’s cookies too!


    1. Léa Racine says:

      Glad you liked the film and my review. If there’s cookies, I’m definitely gonna pass by your site haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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