Now You See Me 2 – Review

Jesse Eisenberg’s cheekbones are glorious. If only for that, Now You See Me 2 is worth watching. Just like 95% of the heist movies I’ve seen, I liked this film. It’s efficient, over-contrasted in the coloring, and the characters are rocking all-black outfits that pair with their mysterious personae. What’s not to love?


Oddly, one of the major reveals is something I didn’t love. I shall not spoil you and say what that is, but once you watch the film, feel free to send me comments about how ridiculous you also find that piece of information and we will discuss it together over matcha lattes.

I am mentioning green tea lattes because they are delicious but also because in this sequel we follow our protagonists in China for quite some time. This addition to the puzzle is enigmatic and interesting. Magic apparently is an ancient force and would have emerged from Asia, so bringing our little ”thieves” to this country is very fitting. Plus, it makes them feel unstable, which is something that the Four Horsemen don’t really know how to deal with because they are always in control. Or at least, that’s what they make you think.

Now You See Me 2 isn’t so much about money this time but more about identity; about who to trust, where you belong and, again, about what is right in front of your eyes.


The Horsemen spend a year apart after they put Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) in prison. They haven’t seen their leader Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) for that same amount of time. They have no news of their organization, the Eye, who was feeding them information on what to do and where. It’s a time of standing still, of hiding, and waiting for the next trick. But as they reunite, they get pulled into their own rabbit hole.

They are now facing something much bigger than them in a country they’ve never been to. The man who has made them vanish is now making a deal with the Four Horsemen, one that they are not willing to accept. The only way of getting out will be to pull off the most incredible heist yet.

The plot gets you involved, the characters complete each other perfectly and the addition of new faces makes this sequel enjoyable instead of completely predictable. The use of the song “Purple Haze” by the Jimi Hendrix Experience made for one flawless introduction of their new antagonist. Who knew?


The soundtrack was pretty great, introducing some mandarin rap and other fun tracks that meshed well with the atmosphere of the film. That’s what Now You See Me 2 is: fun. Don’t expect a cinematographic revolution. Don’t expect the best magic movie of all time (that’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, duh). What you can expect is a cool movie featuring a great cast and a decent script that will make you laugh quite a few times.

Might I add that Dave Franco’s brows have blossomed into a facial masterpiece? That is also worth noting.


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