Kennisha’s Film Queue: May 16th – May 29th

The last few weeks have been busy for me so I haven’t had much time to watch movies (I’ve also become addicted to Grey’s Anatomy), so I decided to combine the last two weeks.

Mother’s Day (2016)
Directed by Gary Marshall

I had no intentions of seeing this but my friend and I wanted to go see a movie, so with limited options, we settled on this. After all, it had Jennifer Aniston so even if it was bad it wouldn’t be that bad [Editor’s Note: The writer seems to have forgotten every Jennifer Aniston movie ever]. At least that’s what I told myself to save some mental anguish. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all. I actually enjoyed it. [Admin’s Note: I’m in utter shock.] All the actors were great (I may have fallen in love with Timothy Olyphant) and the storyline flowed well, considering all the connections that needed to be made between multiple people. Although, what I found to be off-putting was how forced the heartfelt moments came across . It felt like they said this is a movie about mothers so we have to make sure there are some serious moments where people cry and the audience feels bad. What makes it worse is those serious moments were necessary so, when it was executed poorly, the film really took a hit. Another minor annoyance was that, somehow, the racist parents of the movie magically become not racist in a couple of days. They have a conversation with a person of colour and boom! They’re accepting! If only it were that simple.

Another thing that bothered me was the portrayal of the fat woman (yes, I called someone fat, no it is not offensive). Some scenes take place in a gym where a group of ladies workout, with literally everyone in the gym wearing tank tops and shorts, or similar attire, yet the fat woman was completely covered up in every single scene – sweater and all. I know some people like to wear long sleeves and pants to the gym, but when you look at it in comparison to all the skinny women, not a single one of them were in similar clothing. And of course, this same woman happens to be the one who is bad at exercise (pole dancing to be specific). Makes me wonder what kind of latent messaging is happening. I’m not sure what happened there, but fat women shouldn’t feel like they have to cover their bodies at every moment as if that were somehow displeasing to other people. Even if it is, that’s just too damn bad.

Angry Birds (2016)
Directed by Clay Kaytis & Fergal Reilly

I had a decent time with this. Unfortunately, it was boring for the majority of the film as nothing really happens. It only picks up by the third act. That’s when you feel invested in the characters. It’s where the actions picks up, the story really engages you, and it becomes a fun movie. The problem is that’s far too late.

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
Directed by Bryan Singer

As they said in the film, the third is always the worst. It was good, but not good enough. What remains unsurprising is the amazing acting, especially by the newcomers. They were a wonderful addition to the movie. Especially Oscar Isaac, who plays Apocalypse; the combination of his acting and voice effects make you feel and fear his power. Although, his character, Apocalypse, felt underdeveloped. Both in character and in his plan. Yes, I know he wants to build a new world, but what does that even mean to him? What does that actually look like? Additionally, there were a few critical turning points in the film that fell completely flat. They gave the impression that they were serious moments but they didn’t leave as much of an impact as they were supposed to. These annoyances could have been avoided.

Ride Along (2014)
Directed by Tim Story

My boyfriend and I did rock, paper, scissors to decide between Ride Along and Blended. I wanted to watch Blended because I love Adam Sandler  (I’m one of the few people to say that) but obviously I lost. I can’t complain too much because I really enjoyed this movie.  Ice Cube and Kevin Hart make an amazing comedic pair that had me laughing throughout its entire run time. The plot was kind of run-of-the-mill but, because of how genuinely funny it is, I didn’t care. I’m excited to watch the second one.


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