Kennisha’s Film Queue: May 9th – May 15th

I’m not quite sure where this week went. It was Monday, then I blinked, and it was Sunday. I did manage to watch a few things, luckily. Happy Reading!

Sing Street (2016)
Directed by John Carney

I enjoyed Sing Street. It hit all the tonal cues in terms of being cute when needed, sweet at other times, awkward, serious, or hilarious. Carney, along with the great cast, knew when to invoke certain emotions which felt authentic. They created this sense of youth and innocence that was integral to the characters figuring out not only who they are as people but what that meant musically for their band. Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) and Raphina (Lucy Boynton) were especially charming characters, and in very different ways, but because of that polarity they meshed well together. It was fun to see the band try out new sounds and looks influenced by other musicians because it speaks a lot to the ways any person with a passion develops their own sense of self within that field. I wanted to love this film but I found it to be simply good. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it wasn’t exceptional or particularly memorable. It did what it was supposed to in the moment, I liked it, but moved on quickly afterwards.

Final Destination 2 & 3 (2003 & 2006)
Directed by David R. Ellis & James Wong

Every time I think of the third film in this series, I remember a moment I had on the subway when it suddenly came to a halt and the lights started flickering and went out for a few moments (the final scene happens on a subway). I said to my friend, “We’re in Final Destination. This is the end. We’re all gonna die.” It was such a hilarious moment because those who overheard either started chuckling or became very nervous (sorry, not sorry).

The second Final Destination is not nearly as entertaining as the first and third. It was quite slow and I found myself uninterested and bored throughout the entirety of the film. There was a change in directors between the first (Wong) and the second (Ellis) and the third returns to Wong. I loved the third one just as much as the first which lead me to believe that the falter in number two came down to directing and script decisions. The stylistic differences between the directors became extremely apparent in the worst ways because Wong understands what it takes to make the Final Destination concept fun and entertaining, while the other guy took it way too seriously and sucked the life out of the second film. I’m a little apprehensive to watch the fourth one since Ellis returns as director. Maybe keeping expectations low will make it more enjoyable.

[Admin’s Note: The second one has some of my favourite deaths in the franchise, but as films, number one and three are top notch. Also, if you rewatch the Saw series, I will join you for that.]


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