Andres’ Film Queue: Apr. 25th – May 1st

10 films in a week, another case in which I’m happy, but our editor won’t be.

Before Sunrise (1994)
Directed by Richard Linklater

The beginning of one of my favourite trilogies is still incredibly sweet. Linklater is one of my favourite writers, and I use his Before trilogy as exhibit A.

Good Dick (2008)
Directed by Marianna Palka

A film that I was told to watch by my cousin because it’s “quirky” and “cute”, but in reality, it bugged me. The film is saying strange things about what may or may not be romantic or sweet, and when a film is helping push the idea that if you stalk a girl you’ll be rewarded – that’s an issue.

Keanu (2016)
Directed by Peter Atencio

Read my review here!

Keanu is made by the people behind the hilarious Key & Peele. You will laugh throughout this film – a lot. The cute kitten is also a giant plus.

Tokyo (2008)
Directed by Joon-Ho Bong, Leos Carax and Michel Gondry

An anthology film by three very different directors in which the only common thread is that it takes place in the city of Tokyo.

I love Michel Gondry and I really enjoyed his short as it continues some of the more surreal work he’s known for. I’m not familiar with Leos Carax’s work (as I haven’t seen Holy Motors, or his earlier films) but this short just weirded me out. I just couldn’t get into it.

Finally, Joon-Ho Bong’s short is excellent and so human. It’s a joy to watch and be reminded what a connection to another person could mean.

Bye Bye Birdie (1963)
Directed by George Sidney

I was visiting my grandma and looking for something to watch on TV when I landed on TCM (sadly, my house does not have this channel) with Bye Bye Birdie just beginning. And what a beginning it is. It just hooks you in. Before the opening song is over, I was fully engrossed, smiling from ear to ear and ready for the rest of the film.

Films with this much colour (thanks to the gorgeous Technicolor work) just have this incredible charm.

Scream (1996)
Directed by Wes Craven

Scream has been one of my favourite horror films all my life, and it’s also one of the first ones I’ve ever seen.

Hush (2016)
Directed by Mike Flanagan

I can predict the future, to a degree, and I’m positive that next week’s Queue will include Flanagan’s first film, Absentia. Watching Hush again (this time with Jeffrey, Kenneth, and our friend Roberto!) was a ball. We were looking for something that was terrifying (beforehand, we saw a walkthrough of P.T., and we were all on the edge of our seat), so we thought about what movie could instill as much fear as P.T. but, frankly, couldn’t think of any. Instead, we put this on, which while it isn’t terrifying, it’s still pretty great.

Hello, My Name Is Doris (2016)
Directed Michael Showalter 

I pay attention to as many film festivals as I possibly can and I constantly make a mental list of what movies to watch out for. As pointed out in Léa’s review, Hello, My Name Is Doris won the Audience Award at SXSW last year, so I’ve been waiting for it since. It gladly didn’t disappoint. Absolutely sweet and endearing, Sally Field shines so much in this film.

Adventureland (2009)
Directed by Greg Mottola

I remember seeing this film in theatres during its original run, and I enjoyed it a lot then. Later, I laughed when Jesse Eisenberg made another film with “land” in the title (Zombieland). I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that. It’s a great, fun watch, and while this is neither Eisenberg’s nor Stewart’s best performance, it shows at least inklings of what they’re both capable of.

Before Sunset (2004)
Directed by Richard Linklater

When the movie began I felt a little detached, so I began questioning my taste in film. Maybe it’s not as good as I once thought. I slowly slid back into the film, and by the time the film ended, I was again in tears, thinking, “Oh no, this is still beautiful.” My favourite film of the trilogy has a wonderful script that is full of conversations that you wish you would have in real life with people, but it never plays out quite like this.

There’s a moment in this film, in which Jesse is talking and Celine sticks her hand out for a moment to place it on his hand, but she moves it back to herself before Jesse sees. It’s those little things that make this trilogy stand out to me. I look forward to watching Before Midnight, but am not looking forward to waiting 6 more years before finding out if there is a continuation.


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