Score of the Week: The Social Network

My name is Léa and I have a Social Network tattoo,”.03%” to be exact. This is an iconic line for me but we will get back to that later.

I have seen this David Fincher movie 15 times now. Is this excessive? Possibly. But I am French-Canadian and weird and I have not yet seen a film that has fulfilled my movie-OCD better than this one.

The first time that I watched The Social Network I honestly wasn’t expecting anything. A film about Facebook? Really? I had no desire that night to sit through two hours of this nonsense; oh, how foolish I was.

One scene into the movie and I was already taken aback by the flawless script, the truthful acting that showed a vulnerable, yet closed-off, Jesse Eisenberg, and the style of shooting that David Fincher always brings to his films.

“Hand Covers Bruise”

Now, 15 viewings later, I am filled with anticipation when, at the end of the opening scene, Mark leaves the bar, heartbroken, and Hand Covers Bruise starts playing. The score plays such a crucial role in this film, the soundtrack from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross follows the script and the acting so closely that they become tied together, building emotion through soft notes and screeching sounds. A grungy yet eerie sound that fits the script so perfectly.

“In The Hall of The Mountain King”

An iconic scene that a lot of people remember is the rowing competition with the Winklevoss twins. It is memorable because of the symmetry of the cinematography but especially because of the song choice. The intensity is brought up a notch with every note of In The Hall Of The Mountain King, culminating in the loss of the race, which was such a close race, right?

“Almost Home”

As the movie builds, every scene becomes more tense and everything is unravels towards the inevitable canceling of the account. Eduardo flies all the way to California to see Mark, is left at the airport, jet-lagged and exhausted, only to make his way to his friend’s house to be greeted by a man he doesn’t trust. He knows he’s been left behind, his emotions are chaotic, and the only solution he finds to get Mark’s attention is to cancel the account.

Almost Home starts playing. Very soft. Almost too soft, but it goes hand in hand with the action. Eduardo is at the bank, he’s anxious, he knows he shouldn’t be doing this. Andrew Garfield’s vulnerable acting matches the smooth track as he’s attempting to save his friendship and his place in the company.

This particular scene creates more tension until the breaking point: when Eduardo learns his shares have been diluted down to .03%. Those 4 minutes and 9 seconds are a perfect mix of timing, script, acting, and all-around flawless directing. At the beginning, you can hear Bleed Forever by Super Furry Animals, which is eerie, but with the betrayal comes the emotionally charged “Hand Covers Bruise (Reprise)”; the opening song, which plays when Mark and Eduardo were still best friends, but this time it sounds grittier because everything has changed.

”You signed the papers.”

“You set me up.”

This scene is everything that I aspire to be as an artist. It is absolutely and without a doubt flawless in every way and I guess that is why I got a ”.03%” tattoo. I am a movie addict, a writer, and I have a diploma in acting. Will I ever achieve such levels of greatness? Who knows? But I sure as hell can look up to this scene and think to myself, “these are the standards I set for myself. THIS is art.”

Or maybe because ”I’m not coming back for 30%, I’m coming back for everything.”



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