Andres’ Film Queue: Mar. 21th – Mar. 27th

It seems my job is dampening my ability to watch movies, but I’m sure Jeffrey is happy he has less to edit now. [Editor’s Note: Yeah, except you wrote massive paragraphs for the few movies you did see!]

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Directed by Stanley Kubrick

This past week was Director’s Week here and the Film Queue, and to honour Kubrick, I watched and reviewed Eyes Wide Shut here. I decided to do so in order to talk about his final film, but it may also be in my top three Kubrick films. I love it dearly, and while it’s not necessarily as “perfect” as some of his other films, I love diving into the dirty, strange world that Kubrick built in his final role behind the camera.

Zootopia (2016)
Directed by Bryon Howard and Rich Moore

Please go read William’s excellent review of this film, but to reiterate what he has said, it’s a wonderfully hilarious film that also tackles incredible topics such as racial issues in today’s society. I loved it, and my older brother did to. Imagine that, in a theatre filled with families, somewhere near the front were a 23 and 30 year old laughing so much they cried. That was us.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Directed by Zack 

I’m going to keep this simple as William’s review should be going up soon, but here are the facts.

The film is visually stunning. What Snyder does is paint pictures that you love seeing, for the moment. The images on the big screen have no meaning behind them, but they’re very pretty. On top of that, the pacing is a mess, as there’s no rhythm to the cuts from one storyline to the next (and the next 3 or 4).

While I didn’t hate the film, it was a bit of a letdown that had potential to be great. I’m not against seeing it again, in fact, I’m looking forward to picking up the blu-ray that has a 3 hour R-rated cut.

Also, I did get the benefit of seeing the film on 70mm, and it really added to the texture of Snyder’s images.


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