Jeffrey’s Film Queue: Feb. 29 – Mar. 6

We’ve officially entered March, my birth month, so that hopefully means I’ll be watching a lot more movies I didn’t personally pay for! Gifts! Gifts galore! Alas, that won’t be ’til after the 12th, for now, I’m still buying my own shit like a sucker. Oh, the things I do for this website!

Paprika (2006)
Directed by Satoshi Kon

I have a rocky relationship with anime. You can call it an on/off relationship. I have problems with some of the depictions and marginalization of women in a lot of the anime series I’ve seen. However, Satoshi Kon is a filmmaker, not some perverted creep getting off on his cartoons, so instead he delivers a masterpiece of animation. It is an examination of dreams which serve as a parallel for film itself, as they are our dreams projected at 24 frames per second. One of the many aspects of this film pilfered by Christopher Nolan’s fantastic Inception.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)
Directed by Quentin Tarantino

You know, I finally figured out what the title means.They’re dogs (you know, like lowdown criminals) who act as reserves for the bosses to choose from for upcoming heists. Thus, Reservoir Dogs, dogs in reserve. Brilliant! Anyway, do you need me to go on about how magnificent this film is? Even Jesus didn’t have his shit figured out this quickly.

Blackhat (2015)
Directed by Michael Mann

I really like Michael Mann! Admittedly, I haven’t seen much of his films beyond Heat, Last of the Mohicans, Ali, and Miami Vice, but all those films were so strong, that I didn’t doubt his standing as one of the working greats. But damn, this film just brings up so many questions. What happened to Mann’s impeccable eye? Is Mann seriously going deaf? If so, why did no one else tell him how god awful the sound mix is? Why did my mom like this movie so much?

[Admin’s Note: Next up for you, Mann’s Collateral. I think you’ll approve.]

Spotlight (2015)
Directed by Tom McCarthy

The guy who directed The Cobbler has a Best Picture Oscar. Let that sink in. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Spotlight is a genuinely good film deserving of praise, but what the fuck, man? At least it didn’t go to that fraud Alejandro Iñárritu.

Breathless (1960)
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard

My first Godard film! Perhaps it’s the perfect introductory flick, as it has just a sprinkling of the experimentation he’ll come to be known for. In fact, here we can see the very beginnings of what will come to be stereotyped as all “French film”.


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