William’s Film Queue: Feb. 1 – Feb. 7

What’s good, people!

I’m William Adore and I’m a new writer for The Film Queue! When Andres messaged me about becoming a writer for this website, I honestly thought I would pass on the opportunity [Editor’s Note: Ouch]. As a twenty year old full time student that doesn’t know what the future holds for him, I’ve been in a constant state of stress and confusion, and I thought that writing about movies would be a distraction from my adult responsibilities. However, the reason I agreed to become part of the team was because I needed a break from the outside world. What better way to do so than to get lost in movies? This also gives me a chance to revisit some of my all time favourites and to finally watch some classics that I never got the chance to see before (e.g. Star Wars, Rocky, The Godfather; you name it). I’m new to this so I hope writing articles becomes a learning experience for myself, as well as a platform for creativity and absolute fun!

This isn’t my first time joining The Film Queue. I was a part of their podcast, on the Straight Outta Compton episode, and I had a blast! I want to thank Andres and Jeffrey for even considering me to become a writer here as I am very grateful.

With that being said, let’s begin!

The three movies that I’ve watched this week have one thing in common: these are the films that were released in 2015 that I totally missed out on. Well, I’m happy to say that at least it’s better late than never, because to continue missing these films would’ve been tragic.

Ex Machina (2015)
Directed by Alex Garland

This is the film I kept promising Andres I’d watch for a long time. One boring night I decided to watch it on Netflix and, oh boy, it did not disappoint. If there is one word to describe Ex Machina, it has to be claustrophobic. I felt uncomfortable, trapped, and lonely under the eerie atmosphere. But can you really blame me? The whole film is centered around four characters (primarily focusing on three) under one setting. With those factors coming in to play, it made me, the audience, want to scratch and claw for a way out. This all had the affect of making me intentionally side with the A.I., Ava. Just as I longed for a chance to escape, I rallied behind the robot, a humanoid dreamer that fights for her freedom as she slowly seduces Caleb. I buy her wandering personality, her attractive features, and her desire to experience life outside of the place she was created. One thing that I thought the film did exceptionally well was the fact that I, ironically, got to explore a lot, despite the limited characters and setting. Every scene in this film had a purpose and did not act as filler for the next plot twist. In this mysterious sci-fi thriller, the writing displayed great chemistry among the different characters and paced itself beautifully.

Inside Out (2015)
Directed by Pete Docter & Ronnie del Carmen 

Unlike Ex Machina, Inside Out made me feel the opposite of claustrophobic. In fact, there was much more room to try out various emotions in this colourful Pixar world. There were times when I felt lively and cheerful, then hesitant and anxious. Other parts of the film made me feel loathsome, and sometimes, made my temper spike up! But, man, Disney has this secret formula that always results with you getting hit in the chest with misery, heartbreak, and hopelessness. Exploring the interior of a preteen’s mind creates opportunities to use these emotions in a magical yet relatable adventure for kids going through the same process, and for adults reminiscing on their childhood years. The humour was clever and not too over the top (unlike what other Disney movies tend to do, nowadays). The animation, much like other Pixar films, was wonderfully produced with a precise, detailed style. And I have to mention one more thing: there are scenes in this film that had me fighting back tears. I have yet to cry during a movie, but I’ll admit, Inside Out almost caught me slippin’.

Creed (2015)
Directed by Ryan Coogler

As previously mentioned above, I have never seen any film in the Rocky franchise, until Creed came into the picture. Creed was an annoyance, and no, not the film itself, but the fact that ever since it came out in November, my girlfriend and I have been desperately wanting to see it. But because of school, work, and family commitments, we’ve put it aside. I was beginning to wonder if Creed was never meant to be. Well, two months later we finally had the free time to watch it, and I must say, if I watched this back in 2015, it would’ve replaced Straight Outta Compton as my movie of the year.

There were two reasons why I was so hyped for this movie: 1) I love combat sports, and 2) Michael B. Jordan. Ever since Chronicle, I’ve been a fan of Michael B. Jordan. He has great levels of charisma (as shown in Chronicle and Fruitvale Station) and he displays even more of it in Creed. His character, Adonis Creed, and Rocky don’t only have tremendous chemistry, but they establish a bond. Their scenes together seemed flawless, appropriate, and very comfortable. The music fit well within the gritty, urban lifestyle, and the training montages were driven with a true sense of determination through the eyes of Adonis. Because of Creed, I am looking forward to watching the first six Rocky movies.


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