Kennisha’s Film Queue: Jan. 25 – Jan. 31

I didn’t get to check out a whole bunch of films this week, but I was (mostly) happy with what I did get to see. As usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve seen any of these to.

Happy Reading!

Eddie the Eagle (2016)
Directed by Dexter Fletcher
Loving this film was easy. You have Eddie (Taron Egerton) who has a dream to be in the Olympics and stops at nothing to achieve it, despite all the odds against him. And despite everyone who doesn’t believe in him, he continues to believe in himself. He may not be particularly talented, but his burning passion never runs out. It quite simply expressed that your personal best is the only standard to measure yourself by, and that is more than good enough.

Magic Mike XXL (2015)
Directed by Gregory Jacobs

Upon watching this a second time, I think I loved it more. What I always found interesting was the reason many people hated this movie; apparently there’s too much talking. The moments when you get to know the characters as more than just male strippers added a great amount of depth to them. The film wouldn’t have been nearly as good without the moments in-between the nakedness. If you’d like to hear a more in depth analysis of the film, we recorded an episode on the movie in our former podcast, which you can listen to here.

The Mist (2007)
Directed by Frank Darabont

It’s been a while seen I’ve last seen this film, so I decided to watch it again. For some reason, I always thought it was amazing, but after this re-watch, it has sort of fallen flat for me. Everyone who has seen this film, and even those who haven’t, constantly refer to the tragic ending, which is indeed tragic, but doesn’t make up for the rest of the film being just okay. Thomas Jane’s acting in particular (among others) wasn’t enough at points, and it really took me out of the movie. What I did find thought provoking though, is how people react in crisis situations. We want to believe everyone is inherently good, but in the end it was the people, not the monsters, who caused the most chaos. I think it could have benefited from more of a focus on that psychological aspect.

Solaris (2002)
Directed by Steven Soderbergh

After watching and thinking about it for a bit afterwards, I’m still unsure about how I feel about this film. It had an interesting commentary on the nature of human relationships: we, essentially, only know what we think we know of a person. Perhaps we never really know a person at all. I think it had some interesting ideas but I was never fully drawn into it. I think this is a film I’ll have to revisit before I can fully say whether I truly liked it or not.

Grease: Live (2016)
Directed by Thomas Kail 

I absolutely adore Grease. No question, it’s one of my favourite movies. To say hearing about the remake made me unhappy is a massive understatement. To me, if it works then leave it alone. This is why I’m always so skeptical about remakes, I’m scared someone will mess it up. With that said, I am over the moon to say the live production was great. Due to it being live, I wondered how well the transitions would work. Luckily, they managed to keep everything flowing smoothly. Everything worked, from the actors, the singing, the set, the changes, and additions. It added a new and fresh take on the film. There were certain additions I felt could have been excluded, and I was slightly annoyed at small lyric changes which I assume were to made to so that things were slightly more wholesome (considering this film has a large focus on teen sexuality, I’m not sure why it was necessary). Overall as a huge fan, I am more than satisfied with how it turned out. I may even like it more.


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