Top Five Anticipated Films of 2016

On Monday, January 18th, Deadpool was supposed to have a presentation to show off some footage from the film. Instead, they showed the entire film. According to responses on Twitter, 20th Century Fox did a good job.

With DC Comics taking over CW, this week marks the premieres of a number of their shows, during which they had a special that showcased the upcoming slate of DC Films, dubbed the DCEU, including a new trailer for Suicide Squad.

Both Deaedpool and Suicide Squad are highly anticipated among the online community. So with that in mind, we decided to talk about our five most anticipated films of the year.

Jeffrey: Dear reader, you should know that me and Andres have not yet reached a compromise in terms of our most anticipated films of 2016. Thus, we will be hashing it out right here in the article. First, some ground rules. Each of us will take alternating turns in naming a most anticipated film (for example, Andres will start by naming our fifth most, then I will name our fourth most, and so on), until we reach number one, where we will have to fight it out. However, some strategy comes into play as we are each granted one veto. That is, either of us, at any point in the other person’s turn, could veto their selection for whatever reason. Got it? Good. Let’s begin. Andres, what is our fifth most anticipated film of 2016?

Andres: I’d jump to say La La Land. This film is Damien Chazelle’s follow-up to his 2014 film, WhiplashWhiplash was arguably my favourite film of that year, so that alone brings me excitement, but the fact that Chazelle’s next film is a musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, that brings me joy.

Jeffrey: Fuck, dude. Don’t make me waste my veto right off the bat!

Andres: Alright, alright. What about The Nice Guys?

The new Shane Black film starring Ryan Gosling (…sheer coincidence) and Russell Crowe. It’s in the same vein as his previous film, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Jeffrey: That’s more like it! And I didn’t even have to waste a veto. That’s called tactics. I should defend my apathy towards La La Land. I believe Whiplash was a technically great film, but I completely disagree with its underlying message, and I’m not sure Chazelle completely recognized where he was wrong (hint, it starts with the Charlie Parker story).

Anyways, yes, I’m new to Shane Black’s work, but the little I’ve seen has been fantastic. His Iron Man film is in competition for my favourite Marvel film, so seeing him proceed with an original property is exciting, to say the least.

Ok, our fourth most anticipated film of the year is Hail, Caesar! 

This shouldn’t need defending, as a new film from the Coens (perhaps the greatest American filmmakers working today) is always a gift. Have these two ever made a bad film?

Andres:  Maybe I’m in the wrong but Iron Man 3 isn’t a film I think about when I go to one of my favourite Marvel films. I love the idea that The Nice Guys started off as a sequel to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang before it evolved. Having seen the trailer for it, I realized that this is a film/genre that has been missing from the industry lately.

There needs no defending for Hail, Caesar! Mentioning a new film by the Coens should be an automatic on this list. I haven’t seen all of their films yet, but I haven’t seen a bad film by them yet.

Our third most anticipated film of the year is The Jungle Book. Speaking of Marvel, this film is directed by Jon Favreau, who after the failure of Iron Man 2 and Cowboys and Aliens, came back strong with Chef, which was a return to his roots. Disney has been focusing on making live-action films out of their classics, and some have been hit or miss, but if they’re almost as good as Cinderella, we should be excited.

Jeffrey: Ok, what the fuck? Veto this shit. Jungle Book? Fuck outta here. Jon Favreau is a journeyman, at best. I don’t mean to sound so negative, but I’m not big on these live action remakes of Disney classics. There’s a reason that old saying’s still around, “If it ain’t broke” and all that.

Our REAL third most anticipated film of the year is Knight of Cups. Terrence Malick is a poet who’s chosen medium is film. This is something a lot of Malick’s detractors don’t seem to realize. Like poetry, he has no intention of delivering a straight narrative, instead meditating on themes through the convergence of language, sound, and image.

Andres: I’m not against Terrence Malick, and I am excited for Knight of Cups, but third? C’mon. I’m vetoing your veto. I’m going with James Wan’s The Conjuring 2.

You know what last year needed? A great fucking horror film. There were some good horror films but nothing compared to 2013’s The Conjuring. That year, Wan also released Insidious Chapter 2, which, admittedly, was a lesser film to both The Conjuring and the first Insidious. After spending nearly a decade making only horror films, he broke out of the genre with Furious 7. He’s now moving on to direct Aquaman. There is no other horror film on the radar that can compete with this.

Jeffrey: I’m so upset right now. When I said you could veto my veto, I didn’t intend for you to actually do it. And with a sequel? Gross. We’re out of vetoes, so that means my number two is a guarantee!

Our second most anticipated film of the year is WarCraft. 

I’m not huge on WarCraft lore, but I adore the high fantasy of the world and how Duncan Jones’ adaptation seems to be a full realization of that bizarre mythology. I don’t think audiences have been truly tested in this way. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy was a strange film, but it had the Marvel stamp that ensured audience participation. I don’t think WarCraft has that same level of, let’s say “respect”.

Plus, there was a knight riding a griffon in the trailer. A GRIFFON! I’m so pumped.

Andres: Even if I had my veto, I would agree with this 100%. First off, Duncan Jones is a fantastic director. I love both Moon and Source Code. Another plus to Warcraft is that, similar to comic book films being taken seriously, WarCraft might be the start of the same for adaptations of video games. This year’s Assassin’s Creed might help out also. If both films fail video game adaptations might simply be fucked for the next while.

Our most anticipated film of the year might not have an official release date this year, but right now it has a scheduled “fall release”, so I’m going with it. Silence, Martin Scorsese’s passion project is a film about two Jesuit Portuguese Catholic priests who travel to Japan and face violent persecution. Similar to the Coens name bringing excitement, Scorsese’s name does so even more.

Jeffrey: Well, shit, this puts me in a bind. On the one hand: yeah, of course Scorsese’s work should be our most anticipated of the year. On the other hand: its release date is sort of nebulous at this point. Should it get pushed back to 2017, this list becomes a joke! Nonetheless, I think the very chance of a Scorsese film is better than most any other movie I could name.

Plus, my number one was going to be WarCraft  but when I realized you couldn’t veto it out of second, I jumped at the chance of making it official.

So, that wraps it up. Some interesting exclusions: no Marvel! No DC! No Star Wars! Let us know in the comments what you’re most anticipated film of the year is. Are we completely off base? Yell at us. Personally, I’m pretty OK with this list. I mean, other than The Conjuring 2, but I can live with it. You know how? A MOTHER FUCKING KNIGHT RIDING A GRIFFON!


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