The Film Queue!

Last year The Film Queue was born. Today, it evolves.

The Film Queue was a podcast comprised of two halves. In the first, we discussed the big new releases of the week, and in the second half we would ask each other a question related to the film, or, sometimes, something completely different. On our first episode we talked about Mad Max: Fury Road and asked what film would we use to introduce someone to cinema (in case anyone is interested, the answers were E.T. 2001: A Space Odyssey). 

Since then, we returned mostly week to week and continued the same formula. We brought our friends on for various episodes which lead to episodes we are extremely proud of (Magic Mike XXL, and Straight Outta Compton both come to mind).

As the year went on, life got in the way and we were unable to continue. So, we took a hiatus. During which, we had conversations concerning the direction of the Film Queue. Ultimately, we decided it needed to evolve.

The podcast hasn’t disappeared, it’s just being retooled. We think you’ll enjoy what we’ve come up with. In addition, we’ll be working on a Film Club, of sorts, where we can discuss an older film with the participation of our readers. Every month will focus on the crew behind your favourite films, including directors, screenwriters, cinematographers and editors. We’ll talk about their craft, what they’ve done, their style, and what they’ve meant to us. The Film Crew and the Film Club will occasionally overlap, allowing for some exciting opportunities to discuss some of our favourite artists with our readers.

Right now, The Film Queue is two people: Jeffrey Pedernera-Briones and Andres Guzman. We hope it won’t stay just the two of us. As we continue to grow and evolve, we hope you’ll be there to join us.

Welcome to The Film Queue.


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